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"I cast Flame at PZ Myers!"
Jinx: That's how he rolls, G.

Jinxmchue (aka. Jason,, is not a Conservapedia sysop, but he does have a strangely static IP address. Jinxmchue, or Jinx as he is known around here at RationalWiki, is a devotee of "Dungeons and Dragons", a game which allows you to Hail Satan! save a maiden, slay a dragon and become a hero — all without leaving your secret underground lair mom's basement.[1]

Role at Conservapedia[edit]

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Relationship with RationalWiki[edit]

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Since discovering where some critics of Conservapedia "hang out" (i.e. this site) during the Northern Summer of 2008, Jinx has made regular appearances here, despite refusing to create an account. Whenever Jinx is bored he comes round to RationalWiki to pick a fight and can usually find one very easily. He has been known to make faulty and incoherent additions to WIGO:CP, vandalise existing WIGO entries and articles in the most moronic way possible, as well as sabotaging other editor's talk page comments and spelling.

Mostly he is known for his childish and petulant playground taunts, and a level of profanity and vulgarity rarely expected from a conservative Chirstian. Typical Jinxisms include "gas-emitting baboon-butts", "penisbone-stuffed butts", "peanut wankle knocker argyle drinks", "Deep-fried Buddha on a stick", "ROFLMAO", "go fuck yourself", and lots of "fuck off".

Jinxmchue is also known for mentioning RationalWiki at Conservapedia, both covertlyimg and by nameimg, much more than other editors. Despite being told not to mention RationalWikiimg, and issuing a public apologyimg, he has continued to make smug referencesimg to the site, often referring to RationalWiki editors collectively with the cryptic and inexplicable euphemism "mouthbreathers"img.

The Jinx's madcap antics regularly attract attention from enamored fans and inspire competitive pwning on the occasion of his many appearances at RationalWiki.

After his visit to RationalWiki, Jinx developed Jinx's Law.

Jinx was caught sockpuppeting as OncomingStorm.

Penile obsession[edit]

A mystery that surrounds Jinx is his apparent obsession with penises, most notably those which are not his own. The penis that seems to have most got his attention is that of the fictional character Jondalar from the book The Valley of Horses from the series of books called Earth's Children. According to Jinx's edits, Jondalar was a well endowed man, and Jinx felt that this was important enough to add to 3 pages[2][3][4] and defend with two reverts.[5][6]

If it had stopped there, this would have been a short section, but Jinx took his interest further. His definition of rude seems to be "displaying a prominent erection".[7] Whilst all this is fine on the pornography-laden Wikipedia, why Jinx decided to contribute thisimg to the family-friendly Conservapedia is a mystery. Though apparently even Jinx has his limits. He has also developed an aversion to profanityimg.

This aversion does not appear to have last for long, by following links to his blog from RationalWiki you are redirected to a goatse site. What a good Christian man you are Jinx.


In September 2008, Jinx took time offimg from worldly things like Conservapedia to focus on God and family. He instead spent the time trolling the comment forum as well as textually blowing Ray Comfort at his blog. He returned in May 2009img when he realised that the purpose God had for him was to be a dick to people on the internet. The same God then either changed its mind or got it wrong and told Jinx he must in fact leave Conservapedia.[8]

Jinx loses his banhammer[edit]

On April 9, 2009, Jinx made a few of his signature changes to the WIGO:CP page [1] [2] [3], earning him a block, although the block was promptly rescinded. Later that day, a user "Daust" joined RationalWiki, exhibiting Jinx-like behavior, and got a block on that account. Fifteen minutes later, while Daust was still blocked, user "Staud" joined RationalWiki and protested Daust's block.

Throughout this episode there was much speculation that both Daust and Staud were Jinx, but Jinx confirmed it when he made this edit, then quite promptly reverted it with a telling edit comment.

Meanwhile, TK, apparently noticing all the speculation flying around here, had blocked Jinx for being a "Member of Vandal/Parodist site." Jinx, laughably assuming that the rest of the Conservapedia brass would follow their own rules, decided to take The Knife on, wheel-warring with him while appealing to Andyimg to handle the situation. Andy responded by removing Jinx's block rights, "pending inquiry."

And gets it back[edit]

Six months, and one monumental display of ass kissing, later the inquiry was completed resulting in the return of Jinx's banhammer - so he could help fight off the Stephen Colbert induced vandal spree.


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