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-36Apparently, Nutty's Roux is weak sauceimg? Oh no you don't, the FBI says otherwiseimg
17But, Andy, isn't this censoring an undeniable conservative truth?img
35 Andy: We are reluctant to censor here.img
35Andy: "Programs don't generate insights. People do."img Oh, really?img
26The family-friendly Christian encyclopedia inserts a rather unfriendly, un-Christianimg term into the main page. Maybe if the data were married?
16TK: We here at CP want respect for religions... Just not THOSE religions.img
17Article: Best Buy shows their secularism and respect of different religions by wishing readers Happy Eid al-Adha. TK's world: Best Buy doesn't respect Christmas by respecting a Muslim holidayimg. Reality: Best Buy doesn't renounce the use of the word "Christmas" or any Christmas-related props if you read the article more carefully TK.
31Andy hardly thinksimg. More Irony: "[Oppenheimer] wasn't an expert on war or foreign relations, so his opinion on use was irrelevant.img" Of course, Andy's opinion on relativity is completely legitimate.
56Prince Charming TK: Oh no he wasn't!img History: Oh yes he was!
18But we can't wait that long!img
48The Hee Haw twins are at it again! Roger: Correlation does not imply causationimg; Andy: It does too!img JacobB: arguing with valuable contributors Andyimg violates 90/10.
82Really? You are going to criticise Wikipedia for losing editors, Andy?img Are you really?img
59Hold a grudgeimglong, Andy?
-24A new gateimg.
51JPatt: Be a patriotic American and stand with us as we censorimg Youtube!
35Andy goes Epic-Liberalimg with talk, talk, talk. "Once people buy into relativity, they stop reading (the Bible). There may be a few exceptions, but not many. That speaks volumes about what relativity really is."
42DouglasA: The Bible is trueimg because it depicts asteroids (in CP land, asteroids routinely fall to earth, not meteors) hundreds of years after Aristotle chronicled them.
34Andy exposes the true reason Conservapedia exists:img "It obviously is useful to see a collection of various examples of deceit in one place." Roger's intervention must have helped!
26As a Conservapedia Administrator, it's my job to help guide the editors and answer any questions they might have... NOTimg!!!
39Shorter Karajou: Nice astronomy work there, BMcP, but we're going to ignore it in favour of goddiditimg anyway.
42Andy: Atheists lie just to disbelieve the Bible.img
8With WorldNutDaily suddenly displaying liberal bias, Terry Koeckritz is reduced toimg quoting from blogs to back-up his "news" stories.
37Conservapedia's changing the world New Jersey.img
53Andy, 21st Century Isaac Newtonimg.
2Terry Koeckritz unveils his new sidekickimg.
75User: How do all the unseasonably warm temperatures square with Andy's talk of how cold nights in New Jersey disprove global warming?img Jinx hi Jinx!: SHEDDAP, BLASPHEM—img ...uh, wait, I thought of a way to respond!img (Of course, the user who asked the question will have no comment.img) UPDATE: The user is wrong because global warming would mean colder winters.img (Of course, this means that Andy's cold nights in New Jersey work out as evidence for global warming, but we can iron that out later...) MORE: Terry Koeckritz chimes in: This is a massive fraud that is part of a vast commie plot involving the creation of a welfare state to enslave blacks.img
37User: I think Wikipedia is horribly biased, but the Obama article could do with some rearranging to make it legible.img Terry Koeckritz: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, LIBERAL.img
88Jinx hi Jinx! cherry-picking the Bible. "Andy, Andy, liberals say the Bible verse bumper-sticker saying "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."img is a threat to Obama. User: "Um... what about the verse following that which says that his children should be left fatherless, and his wife should become a widow?img" Jinx "Oh, we aren't referencing that verse (out loud)"img
37 K e n  D o l l  gets really really excited!img And what's more, his recipient is absent without leaveimg. MORE: Ken tragically underestimates Capturebot.img No windmill has yet beaten me! More: Listen, I tell you a mystery - the talk page will not sleep, but will all be changedimg.
53The relativity disputes, part umpteen. Jfraatz: Andy, relativity is not a liberal theory.img It's a good scientific one and here's some reasons why.img Why would the university squelch opposition to it? Andy: Relativity contradicts logic, evidence and the Bible. Its promoters are more liberal than Democrats. Liberals control universities. Universities squelch the opposition.img UPDATE: Banhammer for "rudeness to other editors."img MORE: JacobB serves notice that questioning Andy on this topic is blockworthy Not Helpful.img Morning After: Roger: Andy, you ignorant slut!img
32It is possible for a gene to influence several traits. Therefore, all genes influence several traits. Since any mutation on such a gene can affect only one such trait "beneficially," evolution is impossible.img
32It is a scientific fact, cited in the Bible 2,000 years ago and only just recently proven by ophthalmologists, that to blind people, men look like walking trees.img
17Andy overrulesimg a TK permaban on MarkGall
18It's Andy Insight Time! "It may be possible to quantify the degree of selfish conduct encouraged by an ideology. A name for this quantity could be the 'selfish metricimg.'" Coming soon: selfishness rankings of homosexuals, atheists, feminists, and libertarians! Which is the worst?
17Only a lib-burr-rul would ever >gasp!< make "So Help Me God" optional in an oath of office!img This phrase is of course mandatory in real American oaths like the Oath of Enlistment. And the army officer's oath. And the President's inaugural oath. And...
29Hooray! After gathering dust for many months, the goons implement an old failsafeimg - 12 minutes later, Andy responds to the blocked userimg to threaten him with it, saying, "Do you know what a 'provocateur' is?" Half an hour later: Bingo! Another New Conservative Word!img
-4What is the over/under until Safetyimg gets reblocked?
17Andy's "been working on this very issue, and (is) filing a brief with the Supreme Court today in the McDonald case that will decide it"img. The fate of gun control depends on Andy?
52Consistency CP style: it's horrendous censorship when a 2 bit sportsman gets dropped after a gay slur, but wonderful newsimg when a senator gets denied communion for his views
22TK: Obama is working with the 9/11 terrorists!img
0The cover-up continuesimg.
76User: Can you clarify your essay on information theory and explain its definitions?img Andy: Fix it yourself.img With a sly crack about the grammar error in the previous post. User: I may hold a PhD in physics, but I've learned not to disagree with you here on relativity, since you'll delete my corrections.img Andy: I am right, if you would just have an open mind.img User: It's sad that you think you know more about science than someone who researches it daily.img Andy: If you love science so much, YOU pay for it!img TK stops the argument.img
52RobSmith: Why debate, when I can call on Godwin's Law?img
51Ed Poor, gettin' creepy on the question of young girls' sexuality.img Again.
51How Jpatt sees himself: "a hardcore conservative contributor despised by liberals."img (Consigning PJR to the waste bin of history in passing)
5Ken: We're rich!!!!img.
31Oh noez! Mattel is celebrating the 50th anniversary with Barbie in traditional Islamic dressimg!! Yea, you are kind of the same people who thinks Barbie is meant to sexualize young girls and rebel against traditional women rolesimg (sic).
63Consistency, Conservapedia Style: 2008: When Sarah Palin's yahoo email was hacked, and confidential information stolen, CP condemned the hackers, with Jinx pointing out (liberals) have bellowed about privacy rights...when it comes to a Republican...such rights just (fly) out the nearest window.img Then became openly orgasmic when said hacker was caught.img Modern Day: Computer Hackers break into climate change center, stealing confidential items, CP says HA! Look at what this information says.img
44Clearly JacobB has forgotten which blog wiki he's working onimg. "don't worry about explaining every edit on talks pages or asking if the edit is OK. There are no indiscriminate bans or biting the heads of newcomers here."
79Bad news for parachute salesmen: faith can physically trump the disorder or chaos of falling.img MOAR ADDITIONAL INSIGHT: Food shortages are inherently disordered!img
0DerekE to Andy: "Look Boss!img Libburlz are bilking money in Oregon by making up districts! They won't even fix the problem!" Day later, error corrected.
32JLauttamus gets with the times and makes like a tree.img
12TK joins the Ed Poor school of editing. "The article wasn't incorrect, but as it wasn't 100% correct, I deleted itimg". Which is, after all, easier than just copy-pasting something like you usually do.
59MarkGall wants to come back.img Andy: Payback's a bitch!img TK: I want to see you beg for it.img
13RJJensen, professor of history, quotes as federal lawimg an act that was superseded only five years later. A few minutes later: If you need any more help be sure to stop byimg. He also conveniently forgets to mention the founding fathers didn't include non-free non-whites in that act. The founding fathers hate Obama!
11Factual information not welcome hereimg.
28Wired magazine publishes a report showing which states received the most science research grants. User notes that the top receivers are all blue states,img inferring Liberal Bias. Andy copy-pastes the user's remarks to the mainpage.img
39And another one bites the dust.img
26Conservapedian science: Anything that cannot be proven true is unfalsifiable.img
24A study says that Fox News was just as biased against McCain as against Obama, but now gives him worse press than the other news networks. Jpatt: Study says Fox News is fair and balanced! Obama is a liar!img
38The Senate is delaying a vote on a climate bill. Therefore, lib-burr-ruls will soon be admitting that global warming is a hoax and that the world is 6,000 years old.img
92The mass exodusimg of the intelligent members continues!
66The weakly toonsimg get weaker. Although it's good to see the word quimimg appearing on the main page of a family friendly site! Keep up the good work, Karajou. JacobB makes the weakest justification everimg. And Andy approves!img UPDATE And Karajou deletesimg the offending scribble anyway - and forgets to fix "mainpageleft" first, leaving an embarrassing red link at the top of the main pageimg, which  K e n  D o l l  manages to delete in a single edit!img
95Were we wrong? MarkGall makes a standimg and retires.img More: At this critical time, Andy senses the time has come for an inspiring speech.img
107Free Speech: Andy: "Liberals are censors! Free speech means you can say what you want without retaliation"img. User: ORLY?img Andy: Rly!img
-6Japanese customs: Showing subservience in Japan is done by kowtowing.  K e n  D o l l 's World: Obama's bow is too low, there he is demonstrating that he is a servant to the Japanese emperorimg. Apparently,  K e n  D o l l  needs to learn that bowing is a Japanese custom of greeting.
55When Karajou decides the debate is closed,img the debate is closedimg UPDATE: Karajou backs down and apologises!img
80Reality: NFL player with a history of problems and a career on the downswing let go after making comments about his coaches and teammates that included homophobic slurs. Andy: NFL player will never play again because he criticized homosexuality!!!!img UPDATE: Less than 9 hours later, reality displays its well-known liberal bias again.
20And so endsimg the sagaimg of Jamesimg andimg theimg Giantimg Peach Arkimg.
30Article: The army suckered the media into reporting a false version of events at Fort Hood, maybe because they wanted a white person to be the hero instead of a black person.
Andy interpreting said article: The lib-burr-rul media and the Obama administration deliberately lied to usimg because they "just don't like male heroes."
-5 New moon hoaximg uncovered by the intrepid investigators at CP. Nasa used nuclear explosions to send astronauts home from the moon. Gives new meaning to strap your ass to a rocket.
15Koward ain't nobody's foolimg. He knows nobody uses CP for referenceimg.
-26 Ken is looking rather bullishimg all of a sudden! Ole Ole Ole!
191NOW WITH MORE AWESOME: KSorenson: Andy, could you cite your incorrect claim?img Andy: Look beyond what you're taught.img KSorenson: Your claim's still incorrect.img Andy: I'm not sucking up to liberal professors. Therefore, my claim is correct. Look at Google. Now once you've realized I'm right, ask why your liberal professors censored this.img KSorenson: Learn to read, Andy.img Andy: Butbutbut margin of error!img KSorenson: I have the data in front of my face.img And another thing.img Andy: Protesting against me too much is unscientific. Why do you care so much?img KSorenson: Because I teach physics. You're unfit to be a teacher.img Andy: Uh ... creationists have been denied tenure!img I'm right! Relativity is a thug that discourages Bible reading!imgAndy continues: Actually, relativity is really a quasi-religionimg, and as a religion "What has it helped achieved?". UPDATE: Expelled - No intelligence allowed.img
8Rewrite Bring Forth the Best Rendition of a famous Bible verse, add a paragon of creationist misrepresentation, stir, season liberally conservatively with word-salad, and you have made a new Andy Insight!img
13Andy: Yippee! Canada has excluded women from Olympic ski jumping!img Let's hope they order 'em all back into the kitchen next! (Except for Mommy, of course.)
17Blasphemy! Europe bans crucifixes in public school classrooms as a welcoming gesture to immigrants atheist censorship measure.img Not having crucifixes will apparently lead to "less charity and more social problems."
-3User exposesimg someimg liberalimg bias.img Andy winds the psychological projection knob up to 11 and blocks him for "lack of substance."img
15July 2009: A Cuban baseball player defects from Cuba in order to play in the major leagues. November 2009: Andy concludes from the incident that the lib-burr-rul media are giving the Reds a free pass.img
-4Legitimate example of liberal spinimg on Wikipedia's article about argumentum ad populum, or just a cry of cowardice?
47Andy doesn't actually disbelieve in black holes, he just thinks we should pretend they don't exist in order to prop up his social agendaimg.
19User: Why is there no mention of Obama's Nobel Prize?img Andy: That only belongs on the Nobel Prize page because it says more about the prize than about Obama.img
84Andy: You can't falsify the theory of general relativity.img MarkGall: Uh, Andy, the whole concept of falsifiability owes its existence to Karl Popper contrasting Einstein's falsifiable theory with unfalsifiable ones.img Andy: Popper's personal views are irrelevant. Physics students resist logic.img
162Andy: You, like most graduate students, are clueless about the principle of falsifiability.img User: Uh, I studied it for two semesters and "not only are you not right, you're not even wrong" about it.img Andy: Open your mind and accept that I'm right.img Logic does not require so much verbosity.img User: Respectfully, Andy, you're full of crap.img Andy: Professors are liberal and closed-minded.img
40Andy: Mammals didn't take airplanes to dry land a hundred miles awayimg during the Massive, Undeniable Flooding. Hence, "evolutionists' story of descent" is in big trouble.
127BMcP: Why do Christians have to create alternatives to Twitter if they are not censored there?img Andy: BMcP, you must support censoring classroom prayer.img
1It's "buy one, get one free" day again: CP honors Veteran's Day? Not if Jpatt has anything to sayimg about this! And at the same time, he sells a blog post that criticizes the Republican party's leadership and its failure to be a revolutionary party... as evidence that the Republican party is a revolutionary party.
83Karajou, what the hellimg?
47Thou shalt not accuse Republican heroesimg of not being homophobic.
39RJJensen to TK: Read a book.img
137Karajou just doesn't understand the whole 'burden of proof' thing. "You must scour the area once known as the Kingdom of Urartu and show that Noah's ark didn't exist before you carry on with your opinion in this website."img We are still waiting for the bible-thumpers to disprove the FSM.
65In the beginning was the Word Truthimg Wordimg Living Wordimg "Concealing Word" of Godimg Utteranceimg orderimg Commandimg perfect orderimg Realization that wiki-based Bible-translation by amateurs is a bad idea, and the Realization was with God, and the Realization was God.
14One post after trashing Hassan for being Muslim, TK is offended that the liberal media dares accuse Conservatives of trashing Muslims.img Have they ever brought up the religion of a conservative Christian psychopath-shooter?
13Let the conspiracy theories beginimg
97Andy: We don't allow anonymous claims of expertise here.img So, stop being anonymous and, recreate your account with your real nameimg. Oh, ok, if you insistimg. It's a trap!img
59Andy the "lawyer" feels that state law should be trumped by Bible verses.img
29Unemployment is up because Obama plays the sinful game of billiards.img At least he didn't declare reducing unemployment to be "accomplished".
5ANDY: It's no problem for you to have multiple accounts with your IPimg
7But... but... Andy, surely replacingimg "Adultery" and "Fornication" with "sexual immorality" is, you know, more concise. And gOD is apparently for men onlyimg.
94Don't you know anything?!?! "Mothers milk fed ALL the animals in the ark!img How did the mother produce her milk? Well she drank the milk of another, of course!
97Andy is a multi-tasker. He can shamelessly promote Xenophobia and still have no regard for facts! The British press mistranslated the story into Liberal. The Fort Hood Shooter said "Allah is great" not "God is Great"!img. The only problem is they mean the exact same thing. Update: JM triesimg to do the right thing. Asskicking in 3... 2... 1... ta-da!img. *Update*. Andy visits JM's talk page to explain why Andy is correct, and English dictionaries and Arabic speakers are wrong (because he says so).img Still more: Arabic speaking Christians are as uncommon as healthy 95 year old smokers.img Yet more: You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.img
59Andy just couldn't resist talking about school prayer in his economics examimg (question #2).
130Andy: "I don't think anyone denies that all of the inhabitable earth has been flooded."img
38The federal government might have been 3% off in its prediction?!!? NOOOO!!!!!img
-16Don't mention the war!!img
64User: The 'civilized world' does not equal the USA.img Please don't ban me.img RJJensen: I'm going to assume I'm right.img BTW, this is mine.img Enjoy your banhammer!img Joaquin (Mexican) chirps in: USA= world? Sounds fine to me!img
67Jinx hi Jinx! single-handedly disproves Evolutionimg with his teeth and faulty logic.
12An irony meter breaks as Jinx hi Jinx! speedies an article for being a political ad.img
44Another long week in politics:Chris Christie goes from RINO who does not representimg True Conservatives to the great slayer of Obama's liberal agendaimg. UPDATE: The transformation is completeimg.
13Every irony meter on the planet shatters as Karajou tells a lesser peon to "issue blocks sparinglyimg"
94User: Andy, what's your source for the claim that half of public school children are illiterate?img Andy: Uh ... evilutionists can't answer basic questions about the Bible, like how many Gospels are attributed to eyewitnesses.img User: But it's possible for evolutionists to read the Bible.img Andy: You'd have a fine career with tobacco companies, denying that smoking causes lung cancer.img
115Another counterexample to evolution: We have the perfect number of teeth to fit our mouths. Wisdom teeth, you say?img There are no wisdom teeth.img And don't mess with Andy's "autumn foliage" line!
12MarkGall sucks up to Roger adds to his article on "what to expect in college math" with a concept that no math student will leave college without knowing: the double bubble conjecture!img
35Bees have caste systems, which are irreducibly complex "on the social level." Therefore, the theory of evolution is false.img
88An almost incomprehensible Andy rant. "There is no need for 2 kidneys!", "Having two kidneys is a test from God!", "Evolution supposedly occurred in pre-obesity times!".img Huh? MORE: Evolution is to blameimg for people dying from kidney disease!
49Andy, in defense against an angry evolutionist, cites two completely made up indisputable statistics.img
88Vandal adds "counter examples of evolution"img. Andy revertsimg and adds a Banhammerimg for good measure. Oh hey, that thing about the kidneysimg was actually a great idea.
7Hitwinimg strikes again, while Conservative replicates his 'evolution is hitler' article in miniature.
21Conservapedia has confusing guidelinesimg concerning real names in user accountsimg. Sometimes you can have fun with themimg. Sometimes, users get a free rideimg. And sometimes, you make an embarassing mistake!img