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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?/May 2009

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32Mr Potimg, meet Mr Kettleimg.
11Wait, wait...wouldn't Jpatt's planimg mean that much less business for Conservatives, since apparently they make up most of the dealers? Why does Jpatt hate Conservatives?
39Teh Assfly is a secret evolutionist! If you believe think it is possible evolution did not occur, you are exhibiting closed-mindednessimg. Update: one acolyte tried to help by asking for clarificationimg, and the problem remains hiddenimg.
8Jpatt doesn't understandimg the Constitution.
9Andy uses his love of Fleetwood Mac to take a swipe at Bill Clinton.img
-6Andy puts out a fresh example of lib-burr-rul censorship.img No doubt this sort of censorship is also responsible for his source link being broken.
30To Conservapedia, Obama is really a man of many hats; one second he's a socialist, the next he's a puppet for Wall Street.img
52Dr. Uncle Ed doesn't like truth undermining his homophobia:img "We don't want to hear that anyone can get this disease. It undermines the point that it's a gay disease!" UPDATE! Ed's thorough knowledge of rimmingimg plants a very unfortunate image.
76The Catholic Church saga continues. Blocked editor comes back Why was my IP blocked?img Because you disagreed with Andy, now piss off (signed TK). A fascinating insight into the methods and madness of TK. Update: Ed Poor activates his VSRDimg (very selective rudeness detector ®). Update: Terry Koeckritz decides he was too impersonal and says a more direct Auf Wiedersehenimg whilst coming up with the new concept of "Sort of" blocks.Update Andy arrives late to the party and adds his seal of approvalimg
30Now that we've "established" that Sotomayor is a filthy Liberal, we can change her actual photo with a cartoonimg (stolen from here). That'll make us look like a real encyclopedia, right? Andy sez: "No. It's inappropriate and the rights are unclearimg."
17Ken recruits the well educated to make "humerus"img videos for the Eboloooshun cause, yeah that'll help. (incidentally: 5 edits to add 35 words? - Well it is Ken.)
29Andy: The concept of a "moderate" is lib'rl fictionimg. JDWpianist replies with a lol wut?img. TK enters the fray with a rebuttalimg(note the extra misogyny) How long til the Pianist gets banned for <!--Troublemaker-->?
44Uncle Ed tends to things: I heard she was more liberal than John Kerry Barack Hussein Obama,img so there will be no mention of her conservative rulings. Update: "Fuck you, Ed"img, I worked long and hard on my linguistic analysis! - Aschlafly. Oh snapimg maybe not... SharonS. Update 6: Andy cleans up the messimg, and some Troll helps the Kause by making her 25% largerimg.
36Evolution in action as Uncle Ed unearths what could be a primitive ancestorimg of modern humor, and revelsimg in the hilarity.
18Terry Koeckritz posts his latest fantasy: "Let's treat the Gitmo prisoners as fetuses."img
-26TK deletesimg a dangerously liberal redirect and replacesimg it with a much better conservative one
28TK stealsimg someone else's welcome.
121Andy takes on the Catholic church, part deux: When the Church does something I don't like, it's because the liburls made the Pope do it!img UPDATE As Andy gets his assimg handedimg to himimg, TK steps in to protect Dear Leader withimg censorshipimg andimg banhammer.img GOAT: Andy redefines Papal powersimg so Andy cannot be wrong. MOAR! Andy: Burn the heretics!img Acolyte: Er, srsly?img Andy: Yes! Open your mind!img Acolyte: Thanks! Now where's my lighter?img
18TK brings up a pollimg that says 11% of Americans have a negative opinion of the military and claims, without evidence, that they are mostly "radical leftists, liberals and socialists". He conveniently fails to mention that the poll says a larger percentage of Democrats than Republicans have served in the military.
16Uh Ed, did you forget you claimed to be a music teacher when you asked thisimg? Or are you too stupid to look it up yourself?
6Ken makes some more additions to his pet pageimg on creationist "creation vs. evolution" videos, which even Bohdan thought unfit for an encyclopedia.img
-2Sorry Terry Koeckritz, we don't have an omnipotent leader to apologize toimg, like you
25Some call it "Erasing years worth of edit history"img, Ken just calls it "old version keeps appearing. clearing cache"img. Update: TK pawns Ken by correctingimg his erroneous deletion
106Of course the Catholic Church supports war and the death penaltyimg; who you gonna believe: me or some European with a gay-lookin' hat? UPDATE: Gauntlet thrown.img Will Andy pick it up? MOAR: Doctrine? Why, when I use a term, it means whatever I choose to to mean!img HOLY SHIT! Well, the church burned heretics, so the death penalty must be good!img As a bonus, the death penalty is likely to make you repent!!1!!1!
28To reinforce Conservathievia Conservapedia's encyclopedic credentials, TK has once again stolen without attribution created an oh-so-cute animated banhammerimg, to embellish the pages of banned users KathrineX (that's the user in Latvia that he thinks must be Kels) and Triangl (he wanted to contribute to maths articles, always a bad idea at CP.) Sigh! Whatever happened to the traditional delete and lock?
34A user inserts a true statementimg about Rush Limbaugh into the man's article. Terry Koeckritz reverts,img blocksimg the user for "inserting nonsense" and blocks the user's IPs for "deliberate insertion of false information."img
26Saying that supporting animal rights is something supported not just by liberals, but by conservatives tooimg consitutes "compromising with liberals", which, of course, is prohibitedimg.
36100 years from May 22nd 2009 in the future the world will be twice as conservative as it is todayimg. Or something.
37Its Andy Jpatt insight time!img Bonus pointz for the well thought out conclusion!! (He really shows that imaginary Liberal in his brain who's boss.)
96User: "Here is my full and epic rewriteimg of an article that consisted of only two paragraphs before. I'll add the referencesimg later." - TK: "No,img you won't!"img
30RJJensen: The second KKK was a nonviolent membership organization.img Except, of course, for all those lynchings and things, but let's not split hairs...
-17More wishful thinking from Terry Koeckritz: If I say Dick Cheney's still vice president,img maybe that will make the fluff he based his arguments on into facts.
24With summer coming, TK is practicing the making of word salads and prepares a masterpiece of confusion: "Barack Obama has only been President for 4 months, with little real accomplishments to his name, aside from being elected in spite of them"img. Sorry, what?
8The first rule of liberalism and atheism is you do not talk about liberalism and atheism "confuse children".img
25Doing business with the United Arab Emiratesimg is proof that a president has a Muslim agenda. Conservapedia, where history only exists for 100 or so days.
26JPatt calls attentionimg to a WorldNuetDaily campaign to create billboards asking for Obama's birth certificate. How about the one WorldNuetDaily previously said was not a forgery?
149A bunch of know-nothing scientists discovering "something" is clearly not front page newsimg. The Holy Grail of evolution you say? More like an elaborate hoaximg by those socialist Swedes! Andy Sez - "its just a scam!"img ANDY UPDATE: You don't need more than a grade school education to understand evolutionary biology, and by the way, did you know Richard Dawkins isn't a professor?img
13Andy shatters irony meters across the countyimg by bashing public school teachers in a certain state for falling math standards. Which state, he does not bother to tell us.
35TK makes clearimg (in case there was any doubt) what the policy is—do not revert an admin, ever. I guess that means they are stuck forever with the crap in their relativity article. MOAR JY23 might not have seen the memoimg.
67RJJensen continues his conservative-bias purge in the Examples of Liberal Bias,img removing several with "no evidence provided." Ed partially agrees, but notes two examples that do not need evidence.img Then Terry Koeckritz butts in and reverts everything,img breaking an irony meter with his edit comment: "Changes of this sort, of a political nature, must be discussed first. We are not just an encyclopedia, Dr. Jensen."
30Ed's on a roll: 17:04: (addressing RobertSJ) "Please help me finish the 'bending of light' article"img - 17:06: Banhammer.img The real WTF: That user stopped editing after Andy's "Admit that not everything you've learned is true!"img reply a week ago.
21Ed throws a prismimg into a discussion of gravitational effects. To answer his question: no, Ed, you haven't forgotten your lectures, you just don't understand them.
16Ed "In Mudd's Women, Captain Kirk beams aboard an apparent interstellar pimp."img Poor about the Musical "Rent": "Let's write important articles before minor topics, as much as possible"img
18Andy: Lib-burr-rul textbooks denyimg that the Democratic Party supported slavery and the Republican Party opposed it. Sure, Andy; all the textbooks say that Abraham Lincoln was a Democratic president...
69 Even though you've made a good effort at explaining a difficult concept concisely, you've got too high a word to substance ratioimg so you're probably a liberal! Update: OTOH, perhaps it's about my short attention spanimg
10Drumroll, please. The newest conservative words are... yahoo and lilliputianimg.
-10Republicans are happier than Democrats,img who are happier than Conservapedia sysops...
28Heeeeelllppp! While our daughters think they're selling Girl Scout cookies, Reds are sapping and impurifying all their precious bodily fluids!img
10Terry Koeckritz blocks a hotbed of liberalismimg.
-13 Apparently, suggesting Michael Moore uses Wikipedia as a sourceimg is badimg. Really badimg.
110Hsmom politely asksimg for a cite about Biden's liquor-induced state which turns TK nasty.img You're next Hsmom. UPDATE: RJJensen plays with fireimg and TK promptly revertsimg. UPDATE Part II: GaryJ cites information that Biden doesen't drink.img TK saysimg Gary's point is invalid because he is a "deceitful Euro troll coward".img Update III: TK: "In a Grand Gesture of Unity, I'll change this unprovable fact to make it un-disprovable!"img
11The "Trusworthy" encyclopaedia in action. RJJ splurgesimg on South Africa's religious make-up, but no mention of the recent (as in 3 weeks ago) new President... ditto India's elections... ditto Israel's elections. Must be that pesky multi-culturism again.
29RJJensen, noting that Conservapedia's "Liberal Bias" article is "shooting itself in the footnote,"img makes an heroic attempt at flushing the article's conservative bias.img UPDATE: He carries on at Christian Persecution.img
7Barack ("Hussein") Obama has done something that is righteous in Terry Koeckritz's eyes, so The Knife switches to Plan B: Bash the ACLU instead,img with a scary all-caps edit comment for extra effect.
19TK combines cyber-stalking with Schlafly Statistics: "You are from a large West Coast city, so there is a good chance you are a liberalimg". He also throws in a classic argumentum ad Google ranking in for extra flavor. Update: Deletedimg and restored without the offending commentary, just minutes after it was wigoed. Just for good measure, he blocks the userimg.
1Ken shows us his musical side.img
44Ken: "Allowing other points of view in my articles? I don't recall signing up for that!"img UPDATE TK: "BURRRRRNNNNNN!"img MOAR: There is no cabalimg.
37Ken waxes lyricalimg and a helpful user points out the true meaningimg behind that wonderful ditty. TK then shows his musical appreciationimg. UPDATE: banhammerimg.
11Oh dear, Ken's getting old: He apparently forgot how to delete pages and had to request deletionimg of his daily shout-out.
24Now thatimg would save TK all the trouble of having to do range blocks. Note that TK includes "internet vandals" in the list of people to be killed, though the phrase does not actually occur in the cited article. Oh TK, you and your adorable hatred! UPDATE: TK removesimg the "internet vandals". What a wuss.
22CP's Manual of Style: "If you seeimg an article or section of an article that is completely uncited please feel free to put a 'uncited' tag on that particular article or section of an article." - Andy: "Our 'Pro-life' article is completely uncited, but the 'uncited' tag is unnecessary."img
-12On the day Manchester Unitedimg win the English Premier League, the ever-topical Conservapedia joins in the fun with a new featuredimg articleimg. (psst! You guys might like to get your linksimg fixedimg.)
20Ken makes another shoutout. KenDoll shows up and takes advantage of its unprotected status. We're waiting... At last! A freaking HOUR later, AddisonDM reverts. Ken then protects and burns everything as usual.
-2Behold! The most "hideous" torture picture that Obama refuse to showimg. Uhhhh.... TK, I think many people from across the political spectrum already knew what the 9/11 terrorist attacks were.
24The best kind of history is revisionist historyimg!
55User: Hey guys, look at this poll I foundimg. TK posts the same news itemimg and then lies, saying the user should've checked the news section as it had already been posted.img User: Actually, I think I brought it up first...img TK spits in his face.img
-3The family-friendly blog encyclopedia gets a fun new link.img If that were any other user, you can bet they would be banhammered for blasphemy, or for profanity/vulgarity.img
63Stopping parodists, the CP way: There are not nor ever have been parodists hereimg. Move along.
25Karajou goes off into la-la land by making an outrageous statementimg coupled with a link to an article in which no similar statement is made.
-10Oh look...I get my photos for free and it doesn't count as theft because I've taken them from those nasty anti-Americans at Al-Jazeeraimg.
40Terry Koeckritz indulges in some wishful thinking and deletes an article on a "marginal liberal show."img So marginal that it's won an Emmy and a Peabody Award and has more than a million viewers.
44Jpatt's edit comment:img typo or Freudian slip?
10The confused teenagerimg asks another question.img Careful, there; you're going the right way for a blow from the banhammer. UPDATE: Terry Koeckritz responds in his typical styleimg If the kid is smart, he'll run away and never look back
12Jpatt gives his imagination a stretch and posits that an article bashing Conservapedia by comparing it to a communist countryimg was "from commie liberal."
16Ken is wetting his pants at the thought of an article bigger than his Summa Homosexualita.img
3The horse is in the advanced stages of putrefaction, but that doesn't stop Karajou flogging it.img
47Andy, cunning linguist, shoehorns the data into the modelimg.
31 Andy says: "Don't confuse me with experimental proof that a theory is right if I say it's wrong" No relativity here thank you very much!img
-1Fairness? Equality? Humanity? Andy sez: We don't need no stinkin' humanity!img
19A confused teenager asks why people are so obsessed with gay marriage.img Terry Koeckritz answers: Obama, St. Reagan and Distort D'Newsa (whose name, for some reason, belongs in the same sentence with former presidents and presidential candidates) agree that gay marriage is no good.img
15When you see those two termsimg together in a page title, you know the whole page is lies!
22Andy is really grabbing at strawsimg in his desperation to convince someone that Obama lacks integrity. For example, he forgets who exactly is Secretary of State just at present, even though she is referred to in that capacity just a few newsbites down.img UPDATE: Terry Koeckritz applies Bold-o-Vision,img but doesn't notice the mistake. Update: A mere fifteen hours after the mistake went up, Karajou comes to the rescue,img while Andy tries to blame his mistake on Hilary Clintonimg
54Andy is really REALLY starting to lose his mind over this "conservative word" projectimg.
6Breaking news from Terry Koeckritz: Washington has turned topsy-turvy as a lib-burr-rul >gasp!< criticizes one of his ownimg, instead of engaging in deceit and cover-ups!
-3User asks why Obama's middle name is in the article title. Jpatt tells him he can change every other article if he likes.img TK threatens the banhammerimg User has a logical response, which is promptly deleted.imgwhich is followed by another response.img
24Some psychological projection from Ed Poor: A pilot crashed a plane because he was talking to his female co-pilot. Keep your mind on your work, misterimg; you should have been 100 percent focused on the flight, not chatting with a young girlimg.
42OMGimg ifimg myimg listimg getsimg anyimg closerimg toimg geometricimg growthimg Iimg thinkimg I'mimg gonnaimg makeimg loveimg toimg myimg Merriam-img Websterimg Dictionaryimg UPDATE: Soimg close!img
6TK finds something new to do so he won't have to do any real work: Deleting "unauthorized" templates.img Coming up next: "Andy, I think we should introduce a Template Creation user right..."
34Ken finds an obscure search tool that magically serves up only positive feedback about Conservapedia and drools all over the mainpage about it.img But when searching for Conservapedia on YouTube itself, guess how many of the results on the first page are pro-Conservapedia? Yup, you guessed it. One, and it's their own channel.
44Andy sez "there is nothing illogical about someone rising from the dead"img. Sure Andy, sure. Happens all the time.
21Ken to Andy:img "Here, use this great tool to track what the world thinks of your blog!" ...honestly, is he trolling or simply BLIND? Update: Ah, should've known: Ken just cares about his commissioned videos.
27October 31, 2008: A user claimsimg that he has seen mathematical proof that relativity is completely wrong. Less than two hours later: RodWeathers, a parodist then respected by CP sysops, tellsimg the guy in usual CP-style that he's obsessed with something that is likely wrong. More than half a year later: Ed Poor: "Hey now, that's not nice,img Rod. Dear user who has been driven awayimg half a year ago, please elaborate!"img
-8Hillary Clinton does not source a claim and a Republican congress-critter challenges her on it. Jpatt concludes: Hillary told a deliberate lie.img
65More creepinessimg from Uncle Ed. Update: TK crushesimg Ed's hopes.
28Ok, who upped Terry Koeckritz's Prozac dose? A new user revertsimg Andy. TK duly revertsimg back... then welcomesimg said user, although he couldn't resist his continued creepy stalker-ish use of checkuser. UPDATE The prozac wore offimg.
48'Conservatives who say bad things are liberals in disguise'img; glad we've cleared that up
35Abstinence is a sin.img
6News flash, Andy: A state flipping off federal law doesn't constitute an advance in states' rights.img UPDATE: Andy gets a smackdown from his brother.img
6Terry Koeckritz: The media has never called Obama a lib-burr-rul.img Except, of course, MSNBC, but let's not quibble...
14Terry Koeckritz: It is anti-Americanimg to be a good Christian.
71Jpatt sums up the conservapedia philosophyimg for a new user.
23Leap before you look: Within two minutes, Ed Poor createsimg an article, movesimg it to its own talk page and then deletesimg the resulting redirect. Oh, and all this... when the "article" in question is nothing more than a single link.img
-9Dandy Andy pillages his drugstore dictionary with "insightful" data that grows "far faster than geometrically,"img an insight into CP's influence,img and hatred of that non-2nd Amendment pussy 4th Amendment.img When will Dandy Andy be teaching that introductory class to linguistics?
-24Someone posts a pointerimg to another what a bunch of wackos they are at conservapedia article. It lasts 7 minutes.
31Science is hard. Relativistic mass is not easy. But Andy is doing it wrongimg. Especially for a teacher. Believe an expert.I keep forgetting: Andyimg isimg theimg expertimg... Important advice: don't trust these university professors, they'll lie about relativity!img
36LOOK!!! It's our hard-hitting flagship anti-atheism article!!! PLEASE GOD LOOK!!! (I'm so lonely)img
25Did the space program really develop teflon? NASA says DuPont did, DuPont says DuPont did...the world may never know!img Attempts to point out that it's not a mystery at all get revertedimg.
35Andy: A concept in Newtonian physics is a New Conservative Word,img because it "has a basis in Christianity" and Einstein debunked it found it "spooky." He has no clue what "action at a distance" has historically meant—action across a vacuum, instantaneous causality, etc. He clearly didn't read the reference he cited. Andy: read some science books.
-44Conservapedia news is able to wish you a happy mothers day and attack lesbiansimg (and stepmothers too!) in one news item... Impressive!
7At CP, "justice"img is SWIFT!img
84Andy redefines Conservatives around the world to suit himself.img
9Andy Schlafly, Moronus Maximus, sez "We don't give prominence to media and entertainment junk here the way as done by Wikipedia"img. Except when they love that junkimg. It's such a fine line between clever and stupid.
13The Roman Inquisition has come to Conservapedia.img They'll be deleting all the Bible quotes next.
33Andy: Textbooks give NASA the credit for Teflon.img User: "Could we have a cite on that?"img Jpatt: Our Dear Leader does not need to cite his sources.img
6A substitute host on MSNBC uses an image from a left-wing blog. Ken immediately concludes that left-wing blogs and the lib-burr-rul media are merging.img
54Andy posits that Hitler made a pact with the devilimg and couldn't say so because he would lose credibility with Germany's atheists. Furthermore, the question of whether Hitler did this is one of the Greatest Mysteries of World History.img
18Andy: George W. Bush was only partly conservative.img
19It's Andy Insight Time: St. John the Evangelist was probably homeschooled by Jesus,img because he "emphasized the concept of children" in his Gospel. (Of course, we know other people who put much emphasis on children, but not because they're children themselves...)
1Terry Koeckritz: "Per CP Style, proper Nouns are capitalized."img A few minutes laterimg: "Use a spell checker! 'Wellington' isn't a proper noun."
24Andy: "Attention span" is a New Conservative Word,img since only conservatives can think for more than two seconds. Also, Abraham Lincoln was apparently involved in an hours-long debate just last week.
-20Terry Koeckritz agrees that Rush Limbaugh looks like a super villain, and is fatimg
-11Karajou believes that hatred against discriminatory people is discriminatoryimg.
-19Seems Conservapedia really does object to profiling.img Maybe someone should tell them that "it can save 3,000 lives"img and that it's not a crime, more like a myth.img
35Another episode of Schlafly Skimming: Andy bragsimg about how two bloggers have cited Conservapedia. He apparently missed that they were citing the blog encyclopedia as a source representative of wingnuts.
7Terry Koeckritz: You're only allowed to lie about waterboarding if you're a Republican.img
15Andy, of "The BNP would get my vote for its position alone on education" fame, now insists that Le Pen is not a conservative.img
-2Terry Koeckritz is for fiscal responsibility, except when Obama is for itimg
46In Andy's worldimg, Iceland belongs to the European Union, and Sweden has adopted the Euro... Why? Because it's straightforwardimg (But sorry, no, it's not factual...)
12User makes some minor additionsimg to the Rachel Maddow page, fixing grammar and replacing "an hysterical opponent" with "a severe critic." TK takesimg it personallyimg.
4Jpatt shatters every irony meter in the state of New Jersey.img
-10Karajou breaks an irony meter by rating insertion of information about a Hindu deityimg from a on-line encyclopedia on Hinduism to be an infinitely blockable offenseimg.
34Assfly considers the New York Times citing Wikipedia to be "liberals relying on liberalsimg", despite the fact the article is a completely apolitical science/history piece about Nikola Tesla that used Wikipedia for one fact. Of course, conservativesimg citingimg conservativesimg isimg justimg fineimg andimg dAndyimg, rightimg?
4TK Rush Limbaugh sez: Anyone who disagrees with me should be banhammered Democrats,img because they're lib-burr-rul trolls not Republicans!
18Terry Koeckritz makes it clearimg which of the two Bushes Conservapedia prefers. Update: he doesn't like it fixedimg either. And blocksimg the person for "trolling posts". Another update: he can't count properlyimg.
48Ed "I have zero tolerance for harassment. Post on my user page whenever you see questionable remarksimg" Poor is askedimg to arbitrate a dispute between an editor and Ken. His response? Ed tells that editor to "cooperate with Ken"img then blocksimg him. EXTRA IRONY: Ed says "my background is mostly scientific"... that explains his mastery of the maths.
12Breaking News! Textbooks teach deceitful Librul Scienceimg
62Another instance of TK's insanity, paranoia, and wild range blocking. With the usual Parthian shotimg, including TK's email messages, showing his logical style for all to see. Burned by Jpatt after 7 minutes, of course.
7Oh noes! The District of Columbia is recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other statesimg! The horror, the horror... CP apparently doesn't care that the only DC councilman who voted against the measure was Marion Barry, not normally viewed as an exemplar of good conservative values (or as any type of conservative at all).
-6 What is it with CPers obsessing over their articles? Now Bert thinks KAL007 would be a great "Crying Needs Article"img. Fer cryin' out loud, give it up! [previously noted in WIGOcp 1855 ("Yeah, good luck with that Bert") below]
38Two /16 blocks in quickimg successionimg push the number of blocked IPs over 16,777,216 - the equivalent of a /8 block! This site block log is growing rapidly!
4Terry Koeckritz should remember a little recent history before he complains about cronyism.img
56Ken discovers ONE person in the UK who opposes evolution.img Ken does not even bother to say who this person is. Ken declares EPIC WINZ! UPDATE: Ken trolls for more attention.img
28Jpatt serves up a fresh dose of word-saladimg, this time with a spelling error in the title.
23Terry Koeckritz's master plan for stopping Islamic terrorism: give billions of dollars to Islamic terroristsimg.
64America ... elects socialists - but is becoming more and more conservative.img UPDATE: We don't askimg questions like thatimg around here buddy. MOAR UPDATE: User: Can we get a response to that question?img Terry Koeckritz: what part of no questionsimg do you not understand?img
-4This is a fun news item for Terry Koeckritz, because he can clump homophobia and pork-barrel-bashing into the same newsbite.img Yes, TK, "immoral behavior," like the government compelling people to get HPV shots,img is "risky" indeed!
15Andy Dares to criticize the God of Conservatism, Ronald Reagan! What has Reagan done to deserve this criticism? He wasn't Conservative enoughimg!
28Computer Scientist Ed confuses equality tests with conditional statements.img
41Andy on this student's question oneimg: "Your answer is utterly crap. 9/10."
56Clement returns and delivers the Parthianimg Andy's been waiting for. UPDATE: TK burned it after only 8 minutes.
23More examples of what Andy considers awesome homeschooler papersimg: "I believe Hitler and his supporters killed many people because Hitler could did not want enemies." -- "Interesting analysis!" (Andy fixed a typo in that, so he must have read it closely.) "All of the missiles would and approximately the same time killing just about everyone on each side." -- "Terrific, may use as a model."
-55Andy blocksimg user "Zammam" for "Deliberate insertion of false information; lying." This user had only made two editsimg: one replaced a page with garbage while the other imparted that Gandhi was "cool as hell." Either Andy hates Gandhi or dislikes the implication that hell is cold.
9Thisimg is probably a fun day in Mexico, Joaquín, but Terry Koeckritz might want to see you behind the shed about that nasty liberal multi-culturismimg of yours.
37JPatt, rejecting reality, traipses off into la-la land.img
16Ken Conservapedia has just come across an articleimg stating that a long-time YECist who got his doctorate from a diploma-mill distinguished professor has alleged 3,000 instances of religious discrimination against "Darwin-doubters." And here they almost had us convinced that ID isn't a religious thing! (Ken also shows, in a very creepy context, his ignorance of what Christendom means.)
25Andy must be rubbing his hands with glee as his indoctrination bears fruit.img Highlight: It is a block-worthy offense "superb insight" to point out that Conservapedia Hitler needed to scapegoat gays for the ills in America Germany.
12Jpatt makes a stand for proper sourcing and protestsimg against citing quote collection site BrainyQuote. Good! And here, let us help: Revertimg theseimg sourcingimg fiends!
36Yeah, good luck with that, Bert.img
22Jinx hi Jinx! decides that a flyby user's insertionimg of factsimg about coalimg is simplyimg vandalismimg. User decidesimg to declare his smurtnizz to Jinx on his talk page. Countdown to banhammer in 3... 2... UPDATE: Da Jinx hi Jinx! may not have his banhammer anymore, but he can still revert and ignoreimg with the best of them
-23Perez Hilton said bitch when he meant cuntimg, and Conservapedia must expose itimg in a family-friendly manner! UPDATE: Tk decided he better take this article awayimg due to "edit warring".
17Ken brags that "Conservapedia scared a (sic) atheistimg" (seven months ago), apparently unaware that said atheist's fear was the kind that makes you call the guys in white coats.
22Stunteddwarf on RW: Conservapedia does really badly on a search for online encyclopedia. Ken on CP: Andy we need an article on online encyclopedias so we can manipulate search engine resultsimg. Also it needs to go on the front page, because after having just found Conservapedia a lot of people are going to want to find another free online encyclopedia.
24Andy discovers a new application for Schlafly Skimming.img Highlight: "Bill of rights" dates from 1798, not 1689 (or 1788, for that matter). And Andy calls himself a history teacher.
68Real name policy gone wrong: "Dear PUG, we don't allow usernames with all capital lettersimg - Signed, JY23."
16TK informs us that "radical leftist Jon Stewart has no question about this controversial matter: former President Harry S. Truman is a war criminal for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945!"[1]img He then proceeds to link to a video in which Stewart apologizes and says that Truman was not a war criminal. UPDATE: Terry Koeckritz leaves us an edit commentimg.
19Andy shows his conservative productivity by adding "productivity" to the rapidly growing list of conservative wordsimg. Surely, the utter domination of conservatism is close at hand!
-6Andy, completely unable to remain calm while writing about something connected to Obama, completely screws up a simple entryimg. Update: As usual, others mop up after The Boss adds "untrusworthy" informationimg.
12TK writes a snarky bit about who'll be Obama's first SCOTUS nomineeimg, but five will get you ten that at least it won't be someone who never served as a judge before.
-11Andy, known for demanding cited sources for everything under the sun, does not think it necessary to cite his claim that Joe Biden is an idiot;img Terry Koeckritz has to add one for him.img
41Really, it's amazing what TK can get away with: Step 1: Completely revertimg all edits by Jessica, Jallen and Karajou. Step 2: "I think there isn't a dispute here."img Step 3: "Really, we have reasons like 'Liberal name calling' and 'Liberal multiculturalism' because the users asked for more ban reasons."img
128Jessica walks a dangerous path.img Update: Revertedimg by TK (duh), but will there be a nasty remark, too? Hmmm: Jessica strikes backimg with a slimmed-down version of her edit. In a shocking turn of events, TK re-adds what Jessica (and anybodyimg else) removed and then some, and backhandedly accuses her of liberalismimg. Finale Andy strips her of her rights.img
56NicholasT apologetically throws his hatimg into the great humor debate. Schalfly respondsimg. NicholasT respondsimg. Assfly slaps JeffCimg on the wrist for interfering with the debateimg. TK decides the debate has already ended and declares that NicholasT was insisting on last wordismimg.
54Jallen shortens the list of block reasons,img claiming that its length is irritating.img Terry Koeckritz flips her off.img Jallen suggests that TK might be partly to blame;img TK locks that talk-pageimg (apparently forgetting that Jallen is also a sysop) as he is all in a huff about Jallen "editing his post" by un-signing it.img
94Teh Bishop declaresimg checkmate. TK cunningly knocks the board overimg and leaves a nice screedimg on his Talk page. Are TK and CPalmer the same personimg? Update: TK: The game is overimg. OVERimg.
26Conservapedia stumps for a right-wing youth movement called "Youth for White Western Civilization"img.
-27Miss California finds a new cause: Promoting Traditional Marriage!img: Which, being translated from CP-speak, means: Cheesed off at losing a pageant, a whiny beauty-queen takes it out on the gays.
18Fox News sez: U.N. dopeys doctors are self-medicatingimg with medications such as Valium and Diazepam. Somebody forgot to tell them that these are actually two names for the same drug.
73Phyllis Schlafly regarding students silently protesting her being honored at a college graduation: "I'm not sure they're mature enough to graduate.img"
Andy Schlafly to students whose college is honoring Obama at their graduation: "PRO-TEST! PRO-TEST! PRO-TEST!img"