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3Master Editor Ken deConservative demonstrates "a minimum of effort" by taking four edits to write a two-sentence replyimg. Quality counts when you're essentially saying "I won't tell you. Ha ha ha.".
55Woo-hoo! Big Phil pisses onimg and then removesimg Aschlafly's bizarre but heavily defendedimg Pokiston news story from the front page. Stirring stuff. Bungler then protests on Main page talkimg and on Phil's own pageimg. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! (Bugler then creates a new page: Disputeimg!) UPDATE: It keeps getting better. Bugler foams at the mouth, accuses PJR of facilitating Al Qaeda's attempts to insert a sleeper cell into the White Houseimg. UPDATE: Dear Leader to PJR: Fuck you, Liberalimg. UPDATE: Sick of PJR, Bugler turns his attention to his old foe HelpJazzimg. UPDATE "Thats right, I said Fuck You, Phil"img
13Ken to Koward: Fuck youimg, my self-promotion is more important than your "news".UPDATE It's no longer DEFINITE it just "Appears as if"img it'll have momentum. How modest, Ken. And now he's removed the lot.img Send for the medics Ken's cracking up! And now he's going to VANISHimg all our lovely linx! UPDATE Overcome with joy, Kendoll spreadsimg hisimg seedimg far and wideimg. Andy respondsimg without enthusiasm. Could he be growing tired of Ken's spoutings ejaculations?
28Well Andy? Has your "course" been reviewedimg? ANSWER THE QVESTION DAMNIT!
24Quoth Kendoll: Mah masterpiece is totally at 19 on Googleimg. Well, OK. Maybe I was exaggerating a wee bit, but definitely at 20img! No, wait, wait. I'll get it. It's totally in the top 25img. Oh, forget itimg.
51Undeniable proof that Obama is a Muslimimg. Good spotting Andy
16If "The scientific method works on physical things in the present... and it doesn't work on past eventsimg", then what about thisimg? Or of course this, or thisimg?
16PJR vs. Geologyimg, place yer bets!
16Richard Lenski is the Hannah Distinguished Professor of Microbial Ecology? Not in Andyland!img
31Andy gets confused by the English language againimg. Biden seems to be ignorant of his own lies? UPDATE Andy, totally bewildered now, just makes up his own languageimg.
22Please, Miss! Those naughty boys are fightingimg behind the bike sheds againimg
23An attempt by Jinx hi Jinx! to wikistalkimg a peon is going wellimg, as long as he can speak Turkish. Update: Bungler attempts to help the situationimg, not realizing that "idiotimg" originated with PJRimg.
21You are right Andy, public schools do not teach that visiting and editing an open wiki is trespassingimg. When will they learn? UPDATE Andy makes a funnyimg (and a typo)!
7Silly Peons, Jinx hi Jinx! can mention whatever websites he wants,img for he is above the rules
38For the first time ever, a mention of the FBI does not lead (so far) to the banhammer, and Karajou displays that he may actually be the biggest idiot at CP when he makes it clear he does not understand the difference between posting information on a wiki and hacking a private email account.img
14 "Bush downplayed small government"img, "no, he didn't"img. "Are you sure?"img. "Yes, I am"img absolutely sureimg.
31Whenever I start to think PJR is above the viciously ignorant thugs who run CP, I can just read this shitimg, and I'll get over it. UPDATE At least he can still make us giggle thoughimg
33A prize to whoever can figure out what Jinx hi Jinx! finds so laughableimg
19One of two things has happened. Either the world's greatest lawyerimg has no idea what constitutes legal trespassing, or he has become so delusional, he now thinks Conservapedia is a physical plot of landimg. UPDATE: 'trespassing' is Andy's word of the dayimg, and DRamon joins in the funimg.
4Who says suggestions to CP talk pagesimg don't change much? There! Much better!img
24Gasp! A Hollywood filmmaker dupes peopleimg in order to ridicule their religious beliefs in his film! (This from people who rabidly promoted a certain other filmmaker who did thisimg.)
11Andy puts that known liberal agitator Hsmom in her placeimg, where she proceeds to (home)schoolimg him.
13It's Sunday and you know what that means kids? That's right, a new rant sermon essayimg from His Highness!. Update: make it twoimg!
13CP's jaundiced world view strikes again. "Outing"img has everything to do with homosexuals and nothing to do with trips to the seaside. (Also, note the internal link on "come out of the closet"). UPDATE: PJR is an avidimg readerimg of WIGO.
19Kenny boy pees on the top of the Main Pageimg, marking the whole thing as his territory. Beta (or lower) males Croc DeanS and the Koward show their throatsimg to recognize his authority.
3Jinx hi Jinx!, if you're going to make inane jokes, please at least spell them correctly.img
32PJR cements his title as the wittiest of the wingnuts by his clever use of Oversight to pwn the pwner here. (Before and after.) You win this round, PJR...!
38Oh Aschlafly, you really are a complete titimg arent you?
0Those wacky, insane Conservapedians buy a wacky, insane study by the wacky, insane Gallup and the wacky, insane Baylor University that lies about wacky, insane conservative Christianity promoting rationalismimg. Those wacky, insane clowns!
26Someone lets Andy know he can admit he doesn't know what he is talking about and still be a big strong manimg. DeanS moves quicklyimg to protect Andy from this vital piece of information. UPDATE: And that's that!img. Really?img. Yes, do not criticise Andy. Periodimg.
41Outside statistical opinions welcomeimg, says Andy. KennyMac makes the single best contribution to the PNAS debateimg with a concise explanation and further commentaryimg. Crocoshite says, "we don't wantimg your sort around hereimg - we like teh stupid". Update: Croco goes rampagingimg. UPDATE: Andy has read KennyMac's excellent explanationimg, but utterly, totally and completelyimg failed to understand it.
29Or, in other words "I will never look at this talk page again."img You misspelled "contingency", I win!!!!eleventy!!img
-5Wall street should read conservapediaimg, and the crisis of confidence will be over.
18The master is always eager to fill young minds with his own ravingimg delusions (see answer #7).
40BugleBoy's meds wear offimg. UPDATE: Fasten your seatbelts--this could be a bumpy rideimg.
42LearnTogether: There's no proofimg that Palin was behind Wasilla victims paying for their own rape-test kits.
DinsdaleP: Umm, what about thisimg?
LearnTogether: As I said, there's no proof...
14The economy is in tatters, the elections are getting nasty, the Taliban are resurgent but, more importantly, are our schools celebrating constitution day?img
31Our challenge - to find a statistician Andy will accept to review his half-arsed schoolboy doodlings.
27This could be good. "Andy, could you show me your calculations? Please? Hello? UPDATE: I'm ignoring you on purpose. Goodbye. UPDATED UPDATE: While parodist DRamon makes a sad attempt to defend Andy, somebody who knows about statistics gives his figures showing why Andy is talking shit.
34Taciturn to Andy: "Grow a pair!img" Andy to Taciturn: "No.img"
59Yes, believing in evolution is a... syndrome.img The supply of irony meters cannot meet the demand. Update: Somebody feels like tempting fateimg. Update the second: The irony, Claptin! She cannae take much more of it!img But wait, after clever wandalism, Andy refuses to teachimg the controversyimg
13Given a choice between a highly qualified and published professor and Creationwiki, just guessimg which one PJR sees as a more reliable source.
-11Sorry Horace looks like 42img was not the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything when you are in CP version of it.
-5DRamon's bid to become the next Bugler appears to have failedimg, albeit only temporarily. There is still time young padawan!
9Well, at least the threatimg is substantive...
26Embattledimg by logic, Andy changes the subjectimg to the historicity of Jesus. Rhetorical whiplash ensuesimg.
9Cut-&-paste wonderboy Chippeterson is perplexed by another user's grammar correctionimg to his Castle, and goes crying to teacherimg. (Specifically, his complaint is about "making minor edits to user pages with out [sic] there [sic] permission".)
He also becomes confused about his own identityimg.
11Andy updates his already burgeoning resume.img
10HelpJazz, HelpJazz, HelpJazz. How will you ever make Sysop when you do discourteous thingsimg like telling a true acolyte that Andy's CP Mysteriesimg don't count as facts in citations.UPDATE: calling a spade a spadeimg probably won't help your cause either
13Why would we need two different articles? One is a dull, leaden object that serves no discernible function other than being stuck in the same place for varying amounts of time and the other holds a ship in place.img It's so simple
22I suppose it should surprise no one that the username Republicansforobamaimg is inappropriate, but DemocratsForMccainimg is not. UPDATE...or not.img
-5Thisimg will not be confusing at all, ever.
25There is always trouble brewing in Andyland: PJR lays a little more smackimg down on the Almighty.
27Albert Einstein, just a poster boyimg for E=mc2
4Great, what a thing to be pleased about, more Viagra spamimg
0Don't confuse the name of a certain presidential candidate with that of a rapperimg who preaches Hollywood values
19Big brother Rschlafly gives little Andy an absolute PWNING!img
15Environmentalism is a Religionimg, and nobody can argue with this "photographic proof".
29A day in the life of The Chipsterimg: copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...UPDATE:...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...copy, pasteimg...
15How exactly is it that 90/10 can be the block reasonimg when the editor has only made one contribution to the siteimg? Ghost of DanH: "The 90/10 rule is not to be used after one edit. I will expressly say that."img
5DeanS now can't even be bothered to copy the blog headlinesimg now that his puppets can reword them.
8 Two Meters, redux.img
10Only comments by someone who uses their real name are considered to be substantiveimg. All seems well in Andy-Land. UPDATE And now we come full circleimg.
5 Karajou thoughtfully lays out the rules governing country articles:img RULE 1: They are most likely cut and paste hatchet jobs from public-domain websites. RULE 2: We are too lazy to clean up this mess, so we expect you to do for us. Just remember to "provide relevent, facual info".
43Andy tells Userafw that he is suffering bi-polar disorder because he is not praying loudly enoughimg. Remember that Jesus said,img When thou prayest, enter not into thy closet, but love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that thou mayest be seen of men. (Asch. 6:5)
39Can't you fools read? When I say I want substantive comments, don't post substantive commentsimg! "Dinsdale, we're here to think and learn." - ASchlafly Bonus Snark Doesn't anyone have anything substantive that totally agrees that I'm right and they're wrongimg? UPDATE: Andy is told he just might be wrongimg... and responds with a couple ofimg STFU'simg. More: Only "substantive" comments will be tolerated on his talk pageimg too. The banhammerimg is primed and ready. UPDATE:Confused much?img
8Chippeterson is on wiki bingeimg, creating wanted pagesimg at a rate of 25 new stubs per hour, including gems like thisimg, thisimg and thisimg, regardless of the contextimg in which words like 'contact'img are being used.
20Ken deConservative is anti-intellectualimg. Whodathunkit?
34Bugler sends himself an emailimg, prompting Andy to unzipimg.UPDATE PJR isn'timg going to play. UPDATE 2 Lalalalaimg I can't hear you...
18Fresh from using his banhammer,img Bugler takes an irony break.img I guess he forgot that he is responsible for this gem.img
15Cripes, get a roomimg, you two! (Reference links to put this make-out session into perspective: Croco doesn't allowimg discussion before a news item is posted, and Dirk (who apparently was a conservative) went backimg to Wikipedia.) UPDATE: And he's blocked.img
53"Andy, I have some questionsimg. And do you really think you can just ignore any criticism you don't like? Oh, I seeimg. UPDATE: "Why did you revert my comment?"img "La la can't hear you."img "That doesn't make sense."img "So's your face!img MORE: Sensing inconvenient truthsimg, Bugler comes to Andy's aid. Take that, Toffersimg, Get stuffed, Buggersimg. AND: "Plz to stop the censorship kthxbye?"img. "Do not want."img IT GOES ON: Disagreeing with Andy, no matter what way you phrase it, is verboten.img
8Conservative gets a sudden bout of near-sanityimg, but thankfully it passes quicklyimg. PS, hey, Kendoll, you idiot, your images and headers aren't "playing well together" - do you ever check to see what your crappy edits looks like in a "browser"?
98Andy gets PWNED by PNAS.img Insta-Update Andy puts his own spinimg on the facts, UPDATE and gets PWNED AGAIN!img UPDATE Move along, nothing to see hereimg IMPORTANT NOTICE Only edits that agree with Andyimg will be allowed, under threat of the (largely defensive) weapon of block.img
15Heh, nobody'll notice my pet articles creeping up the listimg. Oh, shi-img
20When ordinary CP homophobia just doesn't go far enough, it's time for edit summaries like thisimg UPDATE: NathanG smacks him down with sanityimg.
78Tired of watching a pic of Darwin in the Theory of Evolution article? Finally Conservative provided a better image and captionimg. UPDATE: Surely, such a pretty new picture deserves a spot on the Main Pageimg.
-13Has the LHC created a wormhole that has taken us to a parallel universe, or has Conservapedia actually fixed its Obama articleimg?
19PJR comesimg (also check next diff for honesty) to Myers' defense. Whodathunkit? UPDATE: Not just a fluke!img
4Fine, then. Be like that.img Update - Oh, it's on, bitch!img
5How to get banned quickly: Point outimg that Ken's "article" is crap, contradictimg Andy, and engageimg in an edit-war with a sysop... all within half an hour. Update: LearnTogether doesn't play that wayimg.
7What's better than a sysop stating that "Articles does not have to be large to be good enough."img (sic like whoa)? Easy: PJR replying that, indeed, size doesn't matterimg: "(that's why I wasn't concerned with the length of Sausage)". And better than that? A capslock reply.img
15BREAKING NEWS: Atheist biologist PZ Myers desecrated a eucharistimg! (Er, 7 weeks ago}
5Conservapedian mercyimg? Not if you're a money-lending Jew. UPDATE: Buglerimg reads WIGO.
17 What the f...?img Who's a naughty boy then?
3Can there be any clearer proof that Bugler is a parodist than thisimg?
2Barack Obama has nothing to doimg with affirmative action...or does he?img
17How to react to reportsimg of abuse, the Conservapedia way: Add to the abuse by banhammering the guyimg and then eraseimg all traces of the abuse report.
1You know your life is without meaning when you're reduced to being rearguardimg for a parodistimg.
16Bugler lets his mask slipimg while being confronted by PJR, but later comes to his sensesimg. Update Heavens to Betsey!img Is it getting positively negative in here, or what?
25You smell that? Sanity, sonimg. Bethany shows the Assfly how executive power should be wielded, and has her eye firmly on that Bugler character!img Your correspondent must report that he is almost proud. *sniff*
30Resident parodist Bugler has to make the hard choice. "Do I block the user who's in violation of the naming rules,img creating glaringly obviousimg parody articles and attacking other users?img or do I block the guy that's generally following the rules?"img The final choice is not surprisingimg UPDATE: He didn't do anything wrong, why did you block him?img Because I am a parodist and this site is too stupid to noticeimg MORE UPDATE:Longtime editor HelpJazz dares to question the responseimg and is rewarded with a thinly veiled block threatimg but refuses to back downimg.
3Yes, we were wondering the exact same thingimg.
-7How about the week after NEVER!img
0Remember the kangaroo, which was "taken aboard Noah's Ark prior to the Great Flood"? And now, the way real scientists consider the kangaroo to have originated is considered "atheist and/or evolutionaryimg"
5Another great encyclopedic entryimg
-2Wow!img Mercy on CP? What's next "Love a Liberal Day?"
2Welcome back, HelpJazz! Here, have some paranoiaimg to make you feel right at home. Update Apparently we are humourlessimg.
1PJR is a bit behind the times: After the Gallery has been boldly removedimg by the guy with the "Noimg Talkimg" gag order, Philip calmly reasonsimg with the guy who has just been blockedimg for a month.
0 No christian would ever sayimg what I just saidimg. Twiceimg.
10Good old Jinx hi Jinx! one ups Andy and shatters every irony meterimg in the lower 48 states
3And thisimg is from the guy who brags about his history class. God help the child.
1HenryS gets right to the pointimg over thisimg
10Ever get the impression that there is something wrong with Andyimg? Specifically, his mental health, which seems to be spending less time with him.
34No comment. No comment at all.img UPDATE Andy steps in with more of his undeniable logicimg which he proceeds to post on the main pageimg. Bigot much Andy?
8Yeah, go find a real blogimg, ya hippie, and not one that pretends to be a wiki! Wait, that came out wrong. UPDATE: Apparently not a real encyclopediaimg either!
-5PUFFER FISH UPDATE: Ken's keeping it simple.img Real simple.img
11Andy's template for responding to people who annoy him: A noun, a verb, and a new article-worthyimg insultimg. UPDATE: Make that a noun, a verb, a new article-worthy insult, and a rearguard blockimg.
1Uh, Ken? Leaving aside how childish thisimg makes you look, the fact is puffer fish, even ones of questionable copyright, can't sing.
28Conservapedians agree: for the sake of the Palin family, don't vote for McCain-Palin!img
28Andy delves into the conservative world of dietingimg. Coming soon: CP Pilates, and an Andy Exercise Video, "You can lose 20 pounds while sitting at your computer all day making up shit!"
9Dunno how to tell you this, hon, but Andy and crew would rather turn kids into the formerimg. Probably women too, if they can manage.
-1As much as we'd hoped otherwise, PJR comes out and shows he is indeed a card-carrying member of the Goon Squadimg
20Margery Campbell, who once beggedimg to be removed, as she couldn't disobey her husband, clearly decides Andy isn't much of a man, and gets meanimg. UPDATE Her son apologisesimg for his comments.
4TerryH, a racist?img Naww..... but does he know the article's historyimg? UPDATE: Another victory for the Freedom of Speech!img
8Andy must be referring to a differentimg Pinochet from that the rest of the world knows. Maybe Bob Mugabe is next on his "in" list
14Andy "Space Expert" Schlafly (aided by Foxtrot) strikes again: "Atheist science can't explain the Gaseous Planetary Envelopes!"
8Crack open the champagne, its Conservapedia Day!img And insiders hintimg that there will be a new sysop! Ah, wait, THREEimg new sysops!
26Another Andy original.img Update: Same procedure as every year: Talk pageimg pwnage, complete with revertimg, blockimg, whitewashingimg and block warningimg - to be continued, most likely.
11Family-friendlyimg, indeed. Oh, and Conservative wants something different than English on CP? Har!
11Great ideaimg Andy! And when McCain is asked how many homes he has, he can reply "he isn't running for real estate agent."img I'm sure THAT will go over great with voters!
8This featured articleimg reads like the work of a ten year old. Try reading the second sentence! Compare with Wikipedia's entry on the same subject.
2There is a processimg to remove newly created articles from this list, but we don't know what it is, yet.img UPDATE: Okay, NOW we doimg but we have [apparently] forgotten how to lock pages.
22"In The News" goes from using "News Sources"img, to opinion columnsimg, to blogsimg. And now, the bottom of the barrel: blog COMMENTS!img Guess a "Man On The Street" wasn't available.
2Okay...img but do you realize whereimg you'reimg posting constitutes an irony meter replacement?
12Did anyone else just feel a strange chillimg?
0Calling "an institution of a democratic state" fascist is namecallingimg, except when someone we likeimg does it. Then it's "factually correct and therefore okay".
17Who knows what caused this hostilityimg? Not even Kettle knows, but he calls his bluffimg (Bureaucrats can change user rights). Don't mess with Future Son-In-Law™, Petty-Officer Seaman Karajouimg!
16Jinx hi Jinx! When RedState doesn't praise Sarah Palin enough, just quotemine itimg for the parts that you like. Don't worry about those who call attention to the quote mining, they are just "... protest[ing]<sup>[[:Image:wigo234_ 1.png|img]]</sup> (and quibble[ing]) too much.".
12What to do with thisimg recognizedimg bit of parody? Improveimg it, of course.
10In a shining example of how the CP Admin Complaints Desk works, a complainant is told by Bugler to drop itimg... no doubt teh 'or else' is yet to come.
3Can you feel the love?img
11If there's anything that gets admins excited enough to lure them back, it's teh banhammerimg. Karajou returns.
9Parodist name gets changedimg, suspicions are raised. HenryS/Bohdan attempts to connect the dotsimg, but later sincerely apologizesimg for his mistake. Ed divides by zero and fires off a writing planimg and a whole-hearted "fuck you"img, better safe than sorry.
18Ed, you really are a complete bastardimg. UPDATE Yes, a total assholeimg AGAIN A fully fledged scumbag!img FINALLY You utter Fuck-Face!img
7Bungler blocks Gogglesimg but isn't Gogglesimg actually the POWERFULimg BethanySimg returned for the new term? UPDATE - The ever-delightful Bethany gives the all-clearimg and Bungler apologisesimg.
31Like you're from Arkansas?img
12Bungler can't make up his mindimg, but settles on ignoring his own name. Ronde V sounds real enough next to Bungle R... Update:MOAR!img Goggle S, nice name!
3Noted masochist sysop editor peon HelpJazz, haz returned!img Or his account haz been hacked
21Add multiplicationimg to the ever-growing list of things Ed Poor doesn't understand. Also, fuck youimg if you're new to multiplication!
21SilvioB: "Please, no gossip, as per the rules. Instead, stick with mathematics, which you say you're good at."img Ed Poor: "I do what I wantimg, so fuck you."img UPDATE Belgian commits wiki-suicideimg, and Moar suicide, calls outimg Unca Ed.
12Andy has just had enoughimg of unruly homeschoolers.
53In other words - "Girls should just be quiet and bake more cookiesimg"
15Andy: it is not Palin's conservative values that are to blame for her daughter's pregnancy, it is the indoctrination by her public schoolimg. The same schools that people like Palin and Andy would rather not allow to teach birth control. Never mind that Paris Hilton, America's favorite spoiled rich & sexually promiscuous socialite, went to private school
29Andy's great insights: John Schlafly's homosexualityimg is actually gossip!img
19Andy spins improves the entry on Sarah Palin by pointing out that her critics are liberalsimg. Who'd have guessed the Republican State House Speaker and her Republican campaign coordinator in Ketchikan were liberals? [1]img
25BrianCo decides to illustrate the Achilles articleimg with pron then takes twoimg attemptsimg to make it family-friendly.
15Looks like "Rebuplican" [sic] Ed's been hitting the boozeimg. "Cleraly" [sic] we should not "TOLERATE this knuckleheads" [sic].
16Act III, wherein hilarity ensues as detective Bohdan gathers all suspects into the state room and pulls an accusation directly out of his ass. He is then schooled in the fine art of logic by..... Phillip Rayment the 1st?img.
17I'm sorry Master, I wasn't able to write as many new stubs as usual, but I made sure a lot of more useful contributors can't write them eitherimg. Shucks, Ed, before I turn off editing for the night, "thanks for the significant contributions!img" Good night, and good luck.
6Ed Poor might be the only CP sysop who manages to turn his own talk page into a quotemineimg while archiving.img
-6In a true moment of WTF, Deborah (once again?) dominates the Recent Changes: 49 out of 50 changes are hers.
11Andy Schlafly Presents: "Greatest Myths of American Historyimg" in an attempt to discredit dem dec33tful publick skool hisstury kla553z. If it doesn't fit the "Christian nation/right Republicans/pro-capitalist" worldview, then it's bias, never fact.
25"We've always excluded [gossip]<sup>[[:Image:wigo209_ 0.png|img]]</sup> like that from the beginning of this site". Removing "gossip" (explicitly confirmed by Sarah Palin) about a Republican gets a pat on the backimg. Removing gossipimg from a Democratic entry: Godspeed!
58Karajou QUITSimg. PJR wonders "was it something I said?" Moer: Bungler pours oil on troubled watersimg
11The cops invading your home to arrest you because you have weapons of gun: a dictatorial act of tyranny that one should never allow. The cops invading your home to arrest you for having duct tape, slingshots, empty bottles, rags, metal pipe, bolt cutters, krytponite locks, sledge hammers and numerous other things you probably have many of?img A-okay!
19Andy to Interiot: "Thanks for your help, but have you done all you can to demonize liberals today?"img
9Professional sycophant Bugly proposesimg teh "Conservapedia Day", and Andy loves itimg. (PS, it was Nov. 21, 2006)
9Evangelical or not, Andy reachesimg a new ironymeter high.
47Andy Augustoimg. Update: PaulM Hitlerimg, but that doesn't go over quite as wellimg.
14Conservative Timing: Just in time for the KAL 007 anniversary (between Aug 31 and Sep 1), the KAL 007 article is not the Featured Articleimg anymore.
15Aschlafly, attorney for "medical group" Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, brings up discredited anti-Gardasil arguments as reason for a new #1 example of bias in Wikipediaimg. He also tries to debunk Wikipedia's claims that are supported by: Associated Press and BioMed Central.
5Constructive criticism and cooperation on CP: "All the pointsimg not written by meimg are crapimg." Update: Most non-Andy points are quickly removedimg without further discussion.
15Andy takes time out from bashing public schools and smearing Obama to tell an editor that "Conservapedia is not the place to grind an aximg".
32Well. That's thatimg, I guess.