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Czech Skeptics' Club Sisyfos

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Czech Skeptics' Club Sisyfos is a Czech skeptical nonprofit organization devoted to promoting public awareness of philosophical skepticism, science, and critical thinking.

In their rules, they refuse to interfere with religious, moral and political issues.[1]

Paranormal challenge[edit]

Sisyfos (like many many other organizations) offers a lot of money (3,373,333 Czech koruna or US$160,671) to a person who can prove to have paranormal abilities.[2]

Erratic Boulder[edit]

Erratic Boulder is an anti-award given to people for "misleading the Czech public and the development of a muddy way of thinking."[3]

Erratic Boulder was given to people such as the creator of psychotronics Zdeněk Rejdák, Czech minister Antonín Baudyš or Erich von Däniken. It was also given to some organizations in category cooperatives, such as three major television stations in the Czech Republic (Prima, Nova and it was also given to national Czech Television 3 times), Homeopathic medical association, Flat-earthers (the boulder that was given for them was especially flat) and also to Ministry of Industry and Trade for financing project FI-IMPULS by 29 million Czech koruna (US$1.3 million) that was researching a thing that cannot exist (in state documents called “Passive detection and localization of human behind obstacle“)[4].

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