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The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) is an umbrella organization of news-checking organizations.[1] IFCN is part of The Poynter Institute. IFCN has held 5 international conferences as of 2018.[1] The IFCN has adopted a code of principles, which the European Commission regards as a model that should be followed.[2] The code of principles are:[3]

  1. A commitment to nonpartisanship and fairness
  2. A commitment to transparency of sources
  3. A commitment to transparency of funding & organization
  4. A commitment to transparency of methodology
  5. A commitment to open and honest corrections


As of June 2018, there are 53 verified signatories from around the world.[3]

  1. 20 Minutes Fake Off[4] (France)
  2. AFP Factuel[5] (France)
  3. Animal Politico — El Sabueso[6] (Mexico)
  4. Africa Check[7] (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal)
  5. Agência Lupa[8] (Brazil)
  6. Agência Pública — Truco[9] (Brazil)
  7. Aos Fatos[10] (Brazil)
  8. BOOM[11] (India)
  9. Check Your Fact[12] (USA)
  10. Chequeado[13] (Argentina)
  11. Colombiacheck[14] (Colombia)
  12. Correctiv[15] (Germany)
  13.[16] (Czech Republic)
  14. Doğruluk Payi[17] (Turkey)
  15. El Objetivo[18] (Spain)
  16. FactCheck Georgia[19] (Georgia)
  17.[20] (Kazakhstan)
  18.[21] (USA)
  19.[22] (India)
  20. Faktisk[23] (Norway)
  21. Faktograf[24] (Croatia)
  22. Ferret Fact Service[25] (UK)
  23. France 24 Les Observateurs[26] (France)
  24. Full Fact[27] (UK)
  25. Istinomer[28] (Serbia)
  26. Istinomjer[29] (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  27. Krypometër[30] (Kosovo)
  28. La Silla Vacía[31] (Colombia)
  29. La Voce[32] (Italy)
  30. Le Monde Décodeurs[33] (France)
  31. Lead Stories[34] (USA)
  32. Libération Désintox[35] (France)
  33. Maldito Bulo[36] (Spain)
  34. Nieuwscheckers[37] (Netherlands)
  35. NUcheckt[38] (Netherlands)
  36. Pagella Politica[39] (Italy)
  37. Pesa Check[40] (Kenya)
  38. PolitiFact[41] (USA)
  39. Rappler[42] (Philippines)
  40. RMIT ABC Fact Check (part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation)[43] (Australia)
  41. Snopes[44] (USA)
  42. South Asia Check[45] (Nepal)
  43.[46] (Turkey)
  44. The Conversation FactCheck[47] (Australia)
  45. Fact Check[48] (Ireland)
  46. The Washington Post Fact Checker[49] (USA)
  47. The Weekly Standard's Fact Check[50] (USA)
  48. The Whistle[51] (Israel)
  49. — Periksa Fakta[52] (Indonesia)
  50.[53] (Denmark)
  51. Vera Files[54] (Philippines)
  52. Viralgranskaren[55] (Sweden)
  53. VoxCheck[56] (Ukraine)

Four additional organizations have applied for renewal pending verification:[3]

  1. AP Fact Check[57] (USA)
  2. Climate Feedback[58] (USA)
  3. FactCheck Northern Ireland[59] (UK/Northern Ireland)
  4. Observador Fact Check[60] (Portugal)