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Hoax-Slayer is a website dedicated to debunking fake emails, either of the "your distant relative died in Africa" variety, or the political "look what these evil muslims do to their children" sort.

Hoax-Slayer began in August 2003 after Brett Christiansen started a Yahoo! group about email scams - the website was inspired by the group, which he closed in 2004 to concentrate on the site and its newsletter.


Hoax-slayer deals with virus hoaxes, giveaway hoaxes, charity hoaxes, bogus warnings, petitions and protests, chain letters, celebrity hoaxes, pranks, bad advice, funny hoaxes, unsubstantiated emails, missing child hoaxes, phishing and pharming scams, Nigerian scams, payment transfer scams, lottery scams, dating scams, as well as providing information about internet security and viruses.

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