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The Thinking Atheist

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Going One God Further
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Key Concepts
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Notable freethinkers
Assume nothing. Question everything. And start thinking.
—Slogan of The Thinking Atheist

The Thinking Atheist is a radio podcast and video series produced and hosted by Seth Andrews. It is arguably the most popular atheist podcast/show after The Atheist Experience, with over one million downloads per month of over 200 shows. Seth does not call himself "The Thinking Atheist" (and it is improper to do so) but rather the identifier is meant as the slogan above.


At over 200 shows and hitting one million downloads per month it is currently the most popular podcast on Blog Talk Radio where it is broadcast.[1] Episodes range from serious topics such as dealing with being in the closet to light-hearted and just for fun episodes like the annual telling of ghost stories before Halloween. Also included are interviews of famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins, David Silverman (President of American Atheists) and Lawrence Krauss. The show is rarely contentious and genuinely passive in tone, with callers to the show generally being of the atheist mindset, an almost complete inversion of The Atheist Experience (though Matt Dillahunty is a frequent guest). The format starts with an introduction monologue from Seth (typically not related to the topic at hand), to diving into the topic with the interview or information about the topic and finally turning into a call-in show.

Video series[edit]

In addition to the show, videos are produced to supplement the podcast. Some are short interviews with people, some are videos of Seth's talks and presentations but the most prominent videos are of monologues and animations either promoting science or refuting religion. It also contains an archive of every podcast episode.

Seth Andrews[edit]

Seth Andrews is the host and producer of the show. He is a former Christian radio broadcaster (explains the production quality being so absurdly good) and currently works in video production.[2] He lives somewhere outside Tulsa, Oklahoma and went to a private Christian school for most of his time. He eventually deconverted at the age of 37.[3]

Seth Andrews is not The Thinking Atheist and this needs repeating since people are still getting it wrong.

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