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Among his special distinctions, Dr. Yeagley is the first American Indian composer to be commissioned to write a action [sic] movie score.
—David Yeagley bigs himself up.[1]

David A. Yeagley (September 5, 1951–March 11, 2014) was a right-wing Comanche pundit, composer, and supporter of terrorism. He is known largely for supporting what essentially amounts to white nationalism.


Yeagley had some rather dodgy views about race. "I recognize in America the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant as the foundation of the country and the society", he said in an interview. "Yes, there are a number of other significant European peoples (nationalities) which had major roles in the building and shaping of modern America; [but] they must never be thought of as equal to that foundation, or as important."[2]

He was concerned about Islam, particularly amongst Arabs, and held that all Arab Muslims should be deported from America.[3] He endorsed media portrayals of Native Americans as savage warriors, arguing that Indians should be savages to fight off the combined threats of Islam and socialism.[4]

Support for Anders Breivik[edit]

Yeagley professed to feel a "profound admiration" for Anders Breivik: "There was a day when such men were called knights", he said. "They drove the Muslims and their infernal religion out of Europe. Because of men like Vlad Tepes (Dracula), Europe remained Christian, and white."[5] He goes on:

In Breivik’s passion one does hear the distant thunder of the great Norwegian warrior, Bodvar Bjarki. Ah, that was a day when war was honorable, when destroying the enemy was noble and heroic. Today, The white oedipal liberals in charge of the world teach that to resist the enemy is unkind and bad. In the instinct of latent homoexuality [sic], the white leaders proclaim the darkies triumphant, and make every arrangement to allow them to bury all things white and descent–particularly Christianity. The whole ‘open door’ policy which allows murderous, barbarous Islam to enter and destroy any nation is the perfect expression of the “delusional” white liberals.[6]

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