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The Democrat Party (AKA the Democrat Socialist Party, the Radical Liberal™ Party, or the Chinese Communist Socialist Deep-State Media Woke Cancel Culture SJW BLM Antifa Party) is a political party that many Republicans seem to think is their primary opposition.[1]

Unlike the Democratic Party, the Democrat Party is made up entirely of Jewish, homosexual, communistic, tree-hugging, pot-smoking, Satan-worshiping, reptilian, Christ-hating Chinese spies intent on confiscating guns, destroying the family, indoctrinating schoolchildren into Marxism and homosexuality, painting every freeway lane with HOV diamonds, raising taxes to 100%, aborting every unborn fetus, conducting all official state business in drag, and negotiating for snuggles with the leaders of the Axis of Evil.

Another important difference between the Democrat Party and the Democratic Party is that the "Democrat Party" does not exist.

The use of "Democrat Party" as an epithet by Republicans has arguably led to oversensitivity among some Democratic activists who think saying "Democrat activists" instead of "Democratic activists" is an intentional slur. Saying "Democrat politicians", "Democrat-controlled legislature", "Democrat voters", "Democrat senator", "Democrat representative", "Democrat governor", "Democrat candidate", "Democrat president", and so on tends to raise hackles among some people these days. Although these are still incorrect, they are often said out of ignorance and not out of malice, sometimes even by Democrats themselves. Although it was still used religiously by Donald Trump and his apologists, such as Rush Limbaugh and substitutes. Also worth pointing out is the fact that Democrats commonly say "vote Democrat", instead of "vote Democratic".

On a serious note, the term is not limited to contemporary usage; partisan Republicans as far back as 1889 (yes, before the Southern Strategy) employed "Democrat Party" as a pejorative in speeches denouncing their opponents as rebels and supporters of free trade.[2]


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