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The woo is out there
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Aliens did it...
...and ran away
I am in concern about the increasing activity of space craft and the things that we see on skywatch. I am concerned that man-kind may be nearing it's own destruction. Or that alien or human-like beings may very well be getting ready to take control or evict us from plant [sic] Earth.
—from Ed Grimsley's "Special Projects" web page

Ed Grimsley was a UFOlogist who cornered the woo-market in night vision binoculars, enabling him and any of his suckers clients to observe the space war that has been going on over our heads for decades.

Lest anyone should doubt Grimsley's sincerity or expertise, it should be sufficient of a pedigree to note that he once collaborated with no less a con-man world-renowned authority on planetary astronomy than Jose Escamilla.


Ed Grimsley has been seeing battles between unknown aircraft in the night skies since he was a teenager. Since then he has continued seeing what appear to be Delta shaped and Saucer shaped aircraft in space shooting it out using what appear to be laser weapons. He has seen hundreds of these objects recently and using his five Military grade night vision binoculars he has invited many people to come to his areas and view the objects in earth space shooting it out.


We wonder why the massed forces of advanced galactic intelligence only conduct their space-wars at night. Where do they go during the day?

We wonder what happens to the resulting debris when one saucer scores a direct hit on another. This must be quite a large amount of scrap, and potentially interesting for reverse engineering. Since Ed didn't claim that these things are actually in orbit, why does nothing ever fall back to Earth?

Price list[edit]

  • Military grade night-vision binocs: up to $3,200
  • DVD $24.95 inc. shipping
  • Skywatch UFO vigil: $40 per person

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