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Starseeds are reincarnated space beings in human form that are destined to lead humanity into a shining tomorrow. Some have reincarnated hundreds of times before on Earth, but they're still really from space, endowed with souls filled with alien experience and superior knowledge. They usually don't remember who they are, and they may be more dysfunctional in life than normal people, but they have a little special something – maybe it's in the genes – that activates at some point in their life to help them recover their lost memories.

As expected, they have psychic powers and a connection to every mystical and religious tradition in Earth history because they reincarnate as shamans, holy men, and sages all the time. Younger starseeds are often crystal children. Some of the more hippie-flavored teachings refer to them as wanderers.

Starseeds are totally real, and not at all just yet another variety of predatory New Age borderline sociopath, or some kind of "you are special" cult recruitment strategy.


One prominent group of so-called Starseeds claim to be the reincarnation of aliens from Sirius. This is quite remarkable, for two reasons:

  • Sirius is less than 300 million years old. Any life-bearing planets orbiting Sirius would not have had enough time to evolve anything more complex than bacteria.
  • Sirius is a binary star system, consisting of the big blue-white main-sequence star you can see at night (Sirius A), and a tiny but super-dense white dwarf called Sirius B. At closest approach, Sirius A and Sirius B are closer to each other than the Sun is to Saturn. Any planet more than 2.5 AU from either star would be thrown out of the system by the other star's gravity. Yet Sirius A's habitable zone is over 4 AU away from it, meaning any planet in a stable orbit around Sirius A would have to be so close to it that its oceans would boil away into space. And no one knows whether life is possible within the goldilocks zone of a white dwarf such as Sirius B.

Am I a Starseed?[edit]

It's more likely than you think. Many starseeds haven't activated yet. There are a number of common characteristics in all starseeds but, as you may guess, they're all subjective, emotion-based, and non-falsifiable. RationalWiki has developed an easy test to determine if you're a starseed from the comfort of your own home.

1. Are you a "very spiritual" person, into science fiction, or a new age hippie?
2. Do you really want to be a starseed?
3. Reeeeally really?

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, sure, why the hell not.

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