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Ed Whitfield

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Ed Whitfield, official photography.

Wayne Edward "Ed" Whitfield (1943–) is a Republican and former Representative from Kentucky's first district and a leading member of the Congressional global warming denial brigade. In 2006, along with Joe Barton, he commissioned the Wegman Report in an attempt to discredit the "hockey stick" graph. The report is now infamous for both its use in the Climategate hearings and for the fact that it was mostly plagiarized and utterly fraudulent.

Because of his notorious denialism, he has been given the nickname "Exxon Eddie" in moonbat circles. It should be noted that Whitfield has, in fact, not taken any money from Exxon. The health industry is by far his biggest campaign contributor, so a more accurate nickname would be "Pharma Eddie," but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.[1] Whitfield, however, has taken a good load of dough from the coal and mining industries and, surprise surprise, is a "staunch advocate" of "clean coal."[2] Whitfield co-sponsored the 2011 "Energy Tax Prevention Act," which would repeal the decision by the EPA labeling greenhouse gases as pollutants. Environmentalist blogger Dave Hawkins has dubbed it the "Reality Prevention Act."[3]

Irony alert[edit]

Whitfield accuses those who accept science as misrepresenting science:

Misrepresenting scientific research to support one’s own personal beliefs, particularly on an international stage, is dangerous, disingenuous and simply unacceptable. I call on Mr. Gore to come clean about the real science surrounding climate change and let the American people come to their own conclusions on global warming.[4]
This is hypocrisy, he is guilty of "misrepresenting scientific research" himself.