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Severus Snape Paul Wolfowitz (1943–) is the man commonly considered the "architect" of the United States' 2003-2011 war in Iraq.[2] He has also worked at the World Bank, but resigned under pressure due to a scandal. He gave his girlfriend an enormous pay raise while promoting an anti-corruption drive at the bank.

During the 1970's Wolfowitz was part of the CIA's Team B which argued that the National Intelligence Estimate underestimated Soviet military power and misinterpreted Soviet strategic intentions.[3] Team B was approved by Director of Central Intelligence, George H. W. Bush, and given access to highly classified data. They started from the assumption that the USSR had to have superior weapons and jumped to ludicrous conclusions when the evidence did not agree. They claimed that radar dishes were in fact laser weapons or that Soviet submarines had non-acoustic sonar and were hence undetectable by NATO technology.

About the only thing they got even remotely correct was that the Soviets did not subscribe to the idea of mutually assured destruction - they thought they could win an all-out nuclear war. The CIA had previously assumed that the USSR was stockpiling nuclear weapons as a deterrent, just like the U.S. The USSR was in fact designing MIRV'd (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle) missiles intended to take out hardened missile silos and cripple any U.S. counter-attack. Of course, these also would have been useful in the case of an imminent first strike, or even as a second-strike capability (which is why the US developed MIRV technology to begin with).

One thing of note about him is that he was the man who brought much of the Bush administration together (before they became the Bush administration, mind), from Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld to Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. He and Rumsfeld were the two men responsible for concocting a reason to kill Saddam Hussein and take his oil in the middle of a conflict with Osama bin Laden. Furthermore, he was one of the co-authors (along with Scooter Libby) of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which outlined a strategy that would expand American imperialism throughout the global stage. Many of these methods would later be adopted into the Bush Doctrine, making him the ultimate architect of foreign affairs under Bush. As one of several Bush officials who agreed with the PNAC's call for a "New Pearl Harbor" meant to take advantage of a crisis to expand American influence, it's both quite characteristic and incredibly sociopathic for Wolfowitz to say "There didn't seem to be much to do about it immediately and we went on with whatever the meeting was" over the 9/11 attacks.

Despite being an ardent supporter and architect of the Bush-McCain doctrine, Wolfowitz is a registered Democrat.[4]

However, other sources state that he used to be a Democrat and became a Republican in 1981.[5] It's quite a bit safer to go with him being an ex-Democrat who became a Republican.

On January 28, 2007, Paul Wolfowitz visited a mosque during an official visit to Turkey. Obeying local customs, he removed his shoes and revealed two large holes in his socks! Apparently, he is either a great comedian or an outstanding cheap if at a salary of $ 391,440 in the year the chief banker of the world can't afford to buy extra pair of socks. Due to this incident, the international fundraising "1,000,000 socks for Paul Wolfowitz"[6] was established to buy 1,000,000 socks to replace Wolfowitz's holey socks with new ones.

Paul and Iraq[edit]

As mentioned above, many consider Paul Wolfowitz to be the "architect" of Bush's invasion of Iraq, although Wolfowitz denies he fits such a description.[7] Wolfowitz had been calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein since 1978,[8]:2 even criticizing him when Ronald Reagan was supporting Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War.[9]:93 During this time, Wolfowitz did everything possible to tie any act of terrorism even loosely associated with people in the Middle East to Iraq, regardless of how strong the connection actually was.[10]

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