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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the Anti-asexual bingo!"
A bingo card to make arguments with anti-asexual bigots go a bit more smoothly. Since most of them use the same few arguments, just mark 'em off as you see 'em.
Anti-asexual bingo
You must have been abused as a child. How do you know if you haven't tried it? But you've had sex; you can't be asexual! You're just in the closet. You just need to take a pill or get your hormones checked.
You're just saying that because you're a virgin/incel not attractive enough to get a partner. But you're really attractive, it's such a waste! You just need to get laid. (I can fix you!) Asexuality is unnatural / Sex is a basic human need. Asexuality isn't real.
You're just sexually repressed. You just haven't met the right person yet. You're missing out!


You're just a special snowflake who wants to feel oppressed. You're appropriating LGBT struggles.
There's no such thing as an asexual man. All men want sex. But most women are like that; you don't need a label! That's just celibacy / abstinence / being a prude. No, being asexualWikipedia means you reproduce by mitosis. Why can't you just be human instead of having all these labels?
Asexuals aren't oppressed. Nobody cares if you don't have sex. You just have a low sex drive. Asexuals must be sociopaths who are incapable of love. So are you, like, super religious? But do you masturbate?
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Bonus points[edit]

  • Including asexuals in pride is lesbian erasure
  • Lesbians are targeted more often to corrective rape than asexuals