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Warning: Conservapedia spoof article
This is a copy of a spoof article on Conservapedia. It is presented here for the purpose of education lulz, and reading it may will enrich your life cause stigmata, myopia, and Morgellons disease.
The blue-assed fly (Protophormia terraenovae)

The Assfly is a breed of fly that is thought to have devolved from Homo sapiens sometime in the early 1960s, roughly one thousand nine hundred and sixty years after this guy was imagined as the result of an ice-cream headache.

  1. Assflies are renowned for their disturbing habit of excreting large amounts of faecal matter. After defecation, the Assfly will generally roll around in this matter in order to spread it as far as possible. Select groups are conflicted over this practice, torn between amusement and bewilderment that any animal would openly display such foolish behavior, instead of using more practical methods of dealing with the faeces.
  2. Many strange traits are associated with Assflies, which serve to highlight the social and political ineptitude of the insect. Examples of these traits include:
  • Belief in a non-existent super being.
  • Being born of a politically-backward internalized misogynist matriarch.
  • Homosexual siblings.
  • Unwillingness to accept facts conflicting with its own beliefs, no matter how much proof is offered (known as "La la la, I can't hear you!" disorder). Often dismisses these facts as atheistic or liberal nonsense, and often feels a need to constantly create conservative-biased versions of them that are 99.9999999999% deliberate lies and/or paranoid delusions
  • Alerting the FBI that crimes are being committed, when they in fact are not.
  • Deceitfully attempting to hide all evidence that the above behavior exists.

Assfly infestation is very serious, and can lead to mental problems to those who are in contact with the insect. It is strongly advised to keep children as far away as possible.

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