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Fun:Biden woke school schedule

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Joe Biden and his junta have forced all schools in the country to indoctrinate children into Communism. This is the average day’s schedule:

7:30 AM Pick up in a bus with every inch “decorated” with pride flags and Black Lives Matter signs.
8:00 AM Introductory Islamic and atheist prayers, singing the national anthems of the Soviet Union, China and the Internationale.
8:30 AM Block 1: critical race theory. Usual lessons: Black supremacy, how evil white People are, How to commit White genocide.
9:25 AM Block 2: atheistic environmentalist pseudoscience. Usual lessons: Climate hoaxes, eco-terrorism, atheism, evolutionism, vaccines, COVID-19 hoax.
10:20 AM Block 3: Marxist language arts (MLA). Usual lessons: Marxist theory, watching/reading the liberal mainstream media, feminist literature, pronouns, gender-neutral language, AAVE grammar.
11:15 AM Lunch. Usual menu items: soy, female hormones, marijuana, all psychedelics, vaccines, fetuses.
11:55 AM Block 4: Antifa/furry terrorism training. Usual lessons: Burning things down, killing police, looting.
12:50 PM Block 5: Revisionist history. Usual lessons: Anti-Americanism, slandering all heroes of history, overlooking all history involving straight white men, applying the Marxist theory of historical materialism.
1:45 PM Block 6: Gay sex ed. Usual lessons: Having gay sex, masturbation, pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, trangenderedism/genital mutilation, surgery, abortion, catching STD’s. Free condoms and birth control pills are passed around.
2:40 PM Dismissal time. Extracurricular activities begin (☭funded by wealth seized from the bourgeoisie☭).