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Fun:Drug woo

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Drug woo is woo involving drugs.

Examples of drug woo[edit]

  • Marijuana can save the planet, replace all our material needs like motor oil and clothing and paper, and solve global warming if they'd just legalize the stuff
  • LSD opens the doors to religious discovery, or becoming "one with God", etc etc.
  • Peyote is a religious sacrament
  • Heroin chic, among certain entertainers and high fashion types
  • Methamphetamine chic, among certain "redneck" culture types and within the gay community
  • Those idiots who continue to claim that inhaling heavy-duty solvents (i.e. "video head cleaner") as a sexual stimulant, the same stuff that melts your carpet into a congealed smelly sticky mess if you spill it, is safe for your lungs. Yeah right.
  • Conversely, those idiots who continue to claim the above substance is the real cause of AIDS

The solution[edit]

You can avoid all this woo by sticking to the tried and true: alcohol and caffeine.

Also woo[edit]