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I would do it in a boat,
I would do it with a

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Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

Goatology is the analysis of the Goat genus, it incorporates many different fields including biology, anatomy, dietology, genetics, zoology, history, medicine, linguistics, and sexology.[1]

List of goatologists[edit]

  • User:Jellyfish (is also the prophet of Jellyfishism.) He invented the term "goatpower", which is used in comparing the ability to accomplish work of animals (excluding the goat) to the goat. He also questions if humans and goats have a common ancestor. He instead believes that goats are the ancestors of humans. As of 2008, 5% of biologists accept this view, up from 0% in 2007. At this rate it is a matter of years until this great man's goat-ancestor hypothesis becomes concensus. His credentials including having a PhD in goatology from the University of California, having a degree in gespañol, a goat language, and being married to 2 goats (one is gay, the other is bisexual).
  • User:PalMD is also one of the famous of all goatologists. He has a PhD in goatology from Oxford University and a minor in Goat linguistics from the University of Cambridge. He has been called the Charles Darwin of goatology by Richard Dawkins. Mother Theresa said concerning him, "Jesus is to Christianity, what this man is to Goatology". He, himself is the founder of Goatology. He also invented many of the essential terms involved in its study including, "goatology, goatologist, goatic, goat-like, goat linguistics, goat sexology, and is the owner of the bequeathed coinage goatspeed"


  1. (studying how goats reproduce, how many kids they have, and sexual orientations found amongst goat)