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Fun:Internet Argument Bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for Internet Argument Bingo!"

Ah, the internet. Where would we be without it? Probably not furiously typing on the keyboard with some twat, a basement-dwelling Internet tough guy, whose clueless, YouTube-based arguments are driving you up the wall.

Therefore, we present Internet Argument Bingo, for your entertainment pleasure. Here are the most common arguments you'll encounter dealing with your average jerkoff on the other end of a keyboard; just mark them off as they come up.

Internet Argument Bingo
I cite UNBIASED OBJECTIVE SCIENCE TRUTH FACTS Read between the lines How old are you? u 4 or somthing lol I feel sorry for you Wake up! / Think for yourself! / Be a critical thinker like me!!!
If I had the time, I would destroy your argument I've did my unbiased research and seen the evidence. Online. On Facebook. That's what a <insert slur> would say! You read that in a book? Please tell me you're not that stupid
Unbiased objective factual rational reality isn't like that Say that to my face. I DARE YOU!


Do you even speak English? You spelt “you’re” rong. Your work sucks / you are biased
You didn't answer my question Just because you can't prove it, doesn't mean it's not true Many of my friends are <insert demographic> My opinions are unpopular, because they're closer to the truth! I never claimed to be an expert
i KNEW IT! Another government paid shill! You're twisting what I said Are you a virgin? Your source has ties to <x>, therefore it can't be trusted I have a life. Goodbye.
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