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This is a draft that anyone's free to edit as you would a mainspace page.
Those +++Nordics+++, man. They think they're up at the top of the world, geographically and shit, and they just, like, wanna fucking run everything, right?

But then you're like, "How do they run fucking everything, right?", right?

Guess who runs the banks? It's the (((Jews))). Obviously. But guess who runs the Jews? It's the +++Nords+++, right?

How do they do it? Simple. All those (((Jews))) gotta spend their big bank bucks on something, right? And guess where they go?

Ski resorts.

And where do they have ski resorts? Places where it snows.

Like, QED, right?

Take Bernie Sanders

Where did he get his +++ideas+++?

+++Denmark+++, +++Norway+++ and +++Sweden+++

he even says it in every speech

How much more evidence do you need?

Fucking +++Nordics+++ I'm telling ya.