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The Bible Reloaded

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Up next, a Christian website that sells Chick Tracts, provides this ringing endorsement: "This website is in no way associated or connected with the negative YouTube channel".[1]"

The Bible Reloaded (TBR) and The Quran Reloaded are American atheist YouTube channels run by Hugo and Jake. Their videos focus on Bible/Quran study mixed with pop culture and some humor. They are known for dramatic readings of Chick Tracts and long-form movie reviews. They also have the greatest theme song known to man.[2]

As of March 2018, TBR's channel had 165k subscribers and 36m views.[3] Patreon reports that TBR has 608 patrons and gets $1,617 per Wednesday episode.[4]

Chick Tracts[edit]

TBR has so far analyzed 102 (!) Chick tracts.[5] Some gems include:

  • Movin' On Up: On Chick's gross misunderstandings of evolution.
  • Unloved: Chick creates an underdog character who is saved by Jesus.
  • HUMBUG!: On Chick's idea that Scrooge is an atheist.
  • The Peacemaker: On one of Chick's "adapted for black audiences" tracts.
  • Soul Story Another of the above, and possibly one of the funniest products of humanity.
  • Lisa: The "Worst Chick Tract", done as a "Viking Funeral" by TBR after the death of Jack Chick
  • Big Daddy? The duo team up with AronRa to blast one of Chick's more hilarious illustrated tirades against evolution.
  • The Last Generation We see what Chick thinks the future would hold. Notable for introducing the recurring character of Harold P. Penisman [6]
  • The Contract Jack Chick whole-heartedly endorses someones ability to make a deal with the Devil, get very wealthy, then accept Jesus at the last minute and get into heaven.
  • Wounded Children TBR reads a tract that Chick banned because it accidentally showed gay to be pretty alright and nice folks.
  • It's a Deal! Dealing with the devil again, but this time with black people! Guest-star Arian FosterWikipedia's W.svg.

Atheists Watch[edit]

These long-form movie reviews take down the tropes and bad writing (often inextricable) of Christian film:[7]

The Bible Reloaded vs. Five and Two Pictures[edit]

In 2016, the Christiano Film Group (also called Five and Two Pictures) filed DMCA takedowns of five of The Bible Reloaded's movie reviews. In response, TBR decided not to just file counterclaims but to outright sue the production company to prevent any more cases of DMCA takedowns.[9] As of March 2017, they have raised about $85,000. TBR released a video discussing the resolution of the lawsuit on March 27.[10] The gist of the case is, the person who filed the false claims had gone nuts over something said on social media, and the Christiano Film Group completely disowned his actions and were very sorry for the incident.


Man, Trump supporters, you're gonna have a BAD NIGHT. Please don't go out and do something stupid, even if he's like "Revolution!" Nah. Just play this one out. Go to B-dubz, chill out, hate brown people there all you want, it's fine. Now people are gonna be like "Not all Trump supporters hate brown people!" Yeah, we know, the ones who are brown don't hate themselves, usually. Now they're gonna say that we're Hillary shills. Nope! Just hate Donald Trump.
—TBR's prophetic powers leave much to be desired[11]

TBR's generally hold socially and economically liberal positions:

TBR's retweets also fit this theme.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20]

With the exceptions of Steve Shives (later disowned), AronRa, Matt Dillahunty, and Arian Foster, all the guests on their Chick Tracts video series have been YouTube antifeminists. TBR appears to be in the antifeminist YouTube atheist camp. On twitter they have stated that they don't know if they are antifeminists,[21] but that they are against "Shivesian" feminism.

They have a series pulling the teeth out of Jordan Peterson's Twelve Rules for Life.[22] Maybe they're not all bad.

Theme song[edit]

Possibly one of the greatest theme songs ever written. (Second version)

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