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Hulda Clark

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Hulda Regehr Clark was an author who wrote several books on alternative medicine. Many of her views advanced the pseudoscientific claim that all maladies, from cancer to HIV, are actually caused by parasites. Predictably, these parasites could be flushed from one's body by purchasing and using the costly herbs and electronic devices that were also, as it happened, marketed by Clark.

One of these products, the Zapper, is a machine designed to send a low-voltage current through the body (read: give you a slight electric shock) in the hope of killing all of the hidden nasties which Clark insisted make people sick. It caused serious arrhythmia when used by a patient with a cardiac pacemaker.[1]

Ms. Clark ran several clinics in the US until the US Trade Commission began to look into her activities including several complaints about illness and death associated with her products, thus inspiring her to move to the sunny land of Tijuana, free from all those legal hassles.


Hulda Clark died on September 3, 2009. According to her own website, she died of complications from a spinal cord injury, but a copy of her death certificate lists the causes as anaemia and hypercalcemia, and multiple myeloma (i.e. cancer) as a contributing factor.

The Zapper lives on[edit]

After the death of Hulda Clark, her business was taken up by her son Geoffrey Clark, who continues to promote the Zapper relentlessly, primarily through the Self Health Resource Center.[2][3] Tim Bolen, Hulda's publicist,[4][5] was also involved in continuing the Zapper legacy until he ran into a bit of tax trouble.[6] Precision Herbs‎ also continues to manufacture a range of different bogus zappers that the FDA attempted to seize due to their being considered unapproved medical devices.[7]

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