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Newsmax is a conservative Republican-oriented global news portal whose website has more than 13 million readers a month.[1] It is run by wingnut hack and conspiracy theorist[2] Christopher Ruddy, and principally lives on the Internet on news site sidebars. Its website is dominated by shock news,[3] moral outrage,[4] conspiracies,[5] and trashy advertising for dubious "get rich quick" schemes, quack medicines/workout programmes, and publications that feature ads for similar products.[6] Some of this is regurgitated monthly in print form, though is seldom seen at news stands.

Newsmax is popular with the type of people who read WorldNetDaily; both outlets feature similar worldviews of an idealized conservative God-fearing America besieged by godless libruls, filthy sodomites, evil terrorists, and diseased illegal aliens. However, they managed to even out-wingnut WND when one of their contributors called on the military to overthrow Obama in a coup,[7] saying that it would "restore and defend the Constitution". Yes, removing a President elected by the largest margin in decades and replacing him with a junta would restore the Constitution.

Distinguished contributors to Newsmax include David Limbaugh (brother of Rush Limbaugh), Michael Reagan (the adopted son of Saint Ronnie), "Doctor" Laura Schlessinger, and (quack) Doctor Russell Blaylock. They'll also spend some time now and again giving airtime to bunk medicine, like chelation therapy.[8] They conducted an interview with Pat Buchanan about a book he wrote complaining that America has become less white and Christian, with the interviewer taking him very seriously.[9]

In 2015, Christopher Ruddy had a change of heart and donated to the Clinton Foundation, following nearly two decades of anti-Bill Clinton advocacy. Ruddy also criticized Clinton Cash, a book written by conservative author Peter Schweizer with accusations of corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton due to their donors.[10]

In November 2020, Newsmax saw a large boost in popularity following the 2020 US Election, specifically when Fox News conceded that Joe Biden won over the incumbent Donald Trump, infuriating many of their supporters.[11]

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