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Hyperianism is a crazy New Age belief system created by some person who goes by the name Morgue (really) who claimed to have come into contact with "secret societies" that revealed the means to bring "timeless knowledge to the public" so that the world can reach "the next step of evolution" and "become whole".[1] If that seems hopelessly vague to you, that’'s because it definitely is. If the concept of "the next step of evolution" strikes you at nonsense under the context of the theory of evolution and natural selection, that is because it is absolute nonsense under the context of the theory of evolution and natural selection. Morgue argues that material reality is a myth and that we all exist in a shared dream in which one can manipulate and control, with some seeming god-like abilities that Hyperians share.[2] Hyperianism gives all the major red flags that it is an attempt to establish a cult.


The Grand Poobah of Hyperianism, Morgue is a "shock artist" who performed at the Venice Beach Freakshow in Southern California before it closed in 2017, and formerly starred on the AMC reality show FreakshowWikipedia. According to a fansite about the show, Morgue was born in Montana and "was home-schooled and grew up in relatively isolated circumstances."[3] After his parents divorced when he was a teenager, Morgue joined his father in Orange County, California, where he joined the Venice Beach Freakshow run by Todd Ray.

Forces of Shadow and Light[edit]

Hyperianism claims if you are unhappy it is because you are "fractured" and not "whole", and the means to become whole is to understand the forces of shadow and light that exist within you.[4] The forces are apparently actually just one force known as the force of life (or something) and to deny either aspect of this force will make you depressed or some shit.[5] Once again, if this sounds like nonsense to you, that’s because it is.

This concept of the force of life leads to another idea known as the shadow self, the part of oneself that one keeps tucked away to meet the demands and pressures of society.[6] You can think of this shadow self as the repressed or authentic self. This concept of the shadow self isn’t entirely original as Carl Jung used the exact same name and description to define one of the aspects of the unconscious mind.[7] Hyperianism uses this aspect of the shadow self to get into letting loose on your weird or kinky side), and of course other debauched and hedonistic aspects of oneself.[8] As if the red flags for a cult weren't already waving vigorously enough.

Rejection of Materialism[edit]

What shouldn’t be surprising for the topic of this article is that Hyperianism rejects "scientism" and the belief that reality is in fact material.[9] The argument they provide to refute materialism? Why a bad understanding of quantum mechanics of course!! Coupled with some New Age-style Cartesian dualism, and monads (wait…seriously?).[10] Hyperians don’t believe reality to be material instead they believe it to be made up of “mathematical frequency patterns” something that is somewhat vaguely correct and not even wrong.[11] How does that contradict or refute materialism? It doesn't, though what it means for reality is quite the head scratcher.