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Humans Are Free

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Humans Are Free is a website that promotes pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and other miscellaneous bullshit. Whenever these guys say "scientifically proven", you can bet that it's wrong. They have many insane editors, including (surprise) Mike Adams.


  • The website is YEC and anti-evolution. "9 Scientific Facts Prove the 'Theory of Evolution' is False"[1]
  • "Scientifically Proven: Planets in Our Solar System Aligned as a Crucifix, the Day that Jesus Died"[2]
  • Meanwhile, while arguing that evolution cannot occur... "Scientific Evidence: Human Bodies and Consciousness are Evolving at an Accelerated Rate -- Are We Becoming Gods?"[3]
  • The website advocates Global warming denialism. "Over 30,000 Scientists Declare Climate Change A Hoax"[4]
  • A bunch of bullshit about aliens.
  • Staunch germ theory denialists,[11] saying that having a "positive worldview" is all you need to stay healthy.[12]
  • Drinking a mixture of fruit juices will cure you of cancer.[13]
  • Apparently you need to "Balance your body's pH",[14] even though your body is not affected by the pH of what's in your stomach, unless it's sulfuric acid or lye. If foods affected your body's pH, then your stomach acid would result in your rapid demise.
  • Earthing is "a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons".[15]
  • They also say that you should treat a cold or the flu by massaging your feet.[16]


The website has an extremely inactive forum with topics including Nibiru sightings and buried pyramids.

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