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Anna Slatz in her Rebel NewsWikipedia days
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What kind of “feminist news” site has zero articles on fair pay or reproductive rights, and only articles about transgender people who have allegedly committed crimes?
The Washington Post on Reduxx[1]

Reduxx[note 1] is a Canadian far-right anti-transgender hate website run and founded by Anna Slatz, formerly known as Anna De Luca. Slatz has a long history of far-right activity, support for Scientology, virulent homophobia and racism, and contributions to far-right outlets such as Rebel NewsWikipedia and The Post Millennial. Despite, or perhaps because of its overt far-right links, Reduxx enjoys significant popularity with anti-trans activists claiming to be radical feminists and has been described as the TERF answer to Breitbart. The website calls itself "pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding" and is singularly focused on obsessively publishing articles accusing trans people of being pedophiles or criminals. Genevieve Gluck, the website's most prolific writer, has "a very strange creepy obsession" with collecting images of trans women and linking them to crime.[2] The website has been referred to as a "trans-obsessed hate-porn site."[2] Reduxx has a sister publication called ThePublica, also founded and edited by Slatz, that focuses on promoting racism and anti-immigrant politics.


sodom and gomorrah was a warning not an instruction manual
Reduxx's founder and chief editor Anna Slatz mocking a young gay man who discussed his HIV diagnosis[3]

Reduxx's founder and editor Anna Slatz has a long history of far-right activism. She initially gained notoriety in 2018 for uncritically publishing a Letter to the Editor from an openly Neo-Nazi activist named Michael Thurlow for the student paper of the University of New Brunswick that praised Canada's notoriously abusive Residential School systemWikipedia and insisted Jews were conniving and seeking to control the world,[4] then doubling down and defending the letter.[5][4][5] Slatz never apologized, but was removed by the Board of Directors of the paper after a wave of resignations.[5]

By 2020, Slatz was a "reporter" for Rebel News,Wikipedia a far-right counter-jihad anti-Muslim website, that has a history of employing such great minds as Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern.[6] She was then picked up by another far-right website, The Post Millennial, which has developed a reputation for hiring staff who have been recently disgraced for association with, or promotion of, far-right sources and fired from more respectable outlets. Slatz is part of several anti-Muslim networks around The Daily Wire which campaigned against Black Lives Matter protests and has written for various anti-leftist sites.[2]

Slatz is also a homophobic piece-of-work who in 2023 mocked a gay TikToker for disclosing his HIV diagnosis, and was even criticized by some transphobes for her homophobia.[7] Fred Sargeant, a major figure in the anti-trans movement and one of the most prominent supporters of anti-trans hate group LGB Alliance, called Slatz a "hateful racist and homophobe" and wrote that "her despicableness is something that her supporters excuse and, at times, celebrate."[8] Another TERF called her a person who "really can’t go 25 minutes without having a pop at the gays."[9] In 2024 Slatz managed to get banned on the far-right hellscape formerly known as Twitter, with Fred Sargeant commenting: "Good! And, of course, her likewise homophobic followers keepin' it classy."[10] She was also banned from the platform under the previous regime, when she wrote for The Post Millenial and Rebel News.[11] Slatz also has an extensive history of Scientology/cult apologism,[12] stating in 2018 that she read L. Ron Hubbard's book Dianetics fifteen times and also adding: "I began my own personal Dianetics journey 4yrs ago (after research for 2yrs before then), and I could not be happier."[13]

From late 2023 Slatz faced backlash from some of her fellow "gender-critical" transphobes over her "off the Richter scale racism".[14] She was also discovered to have a verified account on Kiwi FarmsWikipedia, a forum linked to organized harrassment and trolling.[15]


my job is just…. hate
Reduxx's founder and chief editor Anna Slatz[16]

In 2022, while still also writing for The Post Millennial, Slatz founded Reduxx, and serves as its main editor.[17] The long and short of this website is that it's dedicated to publishing articles emphasizing there are some individual trans people who have done bad things before. It's not a site well-known for mentioning any of the good things individual trans people have done before. Their specialty is publishing articles accusing individual trans people of being pedophiles. According to the "about" page, they are "proud to take style guidance from Women's Liberation Front",[18] a group with far-right ties dedicated to opposing transgender rights and the Equal Rights Amendment; WoLF is also funded in part by the Alliance Defending Freedom. One of the site's staffers, Genevieve Gluck, collaborated with Daily Wire host Michael Knowles to "expose" the horrors of "hypnosis pornography" and its alleged relevance to transgender people.[19] Genevieve Gluck is described as a person with "a very strange creepy obsession with trans women [who] collects images of them from porn sites and often links from 'trans' to extreme crime/wrong-doing."[2] In the 2020s Reduxx has become very popular with the TERF movement, despite (or perhaps because of) its overt ties to the far right in general and The Post Millennial in particular. The website's articles are widely shared by TERF groups such as Women's Declaration International, further illustrating the group's links to the far right. Some of the people who have supported the website and shared its content are Helen Joyce,[2] Maya Forstater[2] and J.K. Rowling.[1][20][21][22] The website's content is also widely shared by other far-right social media accounts such as Libs of TikTok.

ThePublica, Reduxx's sister publication oriented towards racism[edit]

A child-raping migrant from Africa has been allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after claiming deportation would harm his mental health.
—Typical story featured in ThePublica, Reduxx's racist-focused sister publication[23]

ThePublica is Reduxx's sister publication oriented towards general racism and far-right politics. It is also founded and edited by Anna Slatz. It usually publishes stories about migrants being rapists, migrants causing housing problems, more ridiculous ragebait culture war topics such as complaints about veganism, and transphobic and homophobic content. It differs from Reduxx primarily in how Reduxx is targeted to those who are absolutely obsessed with demonizing trans people, while ThePublica targets a broader far-right audience.

Further throwing doubt in ThePublica's reliability is its questionable sourcing and lack of corroborative attribution, like in 2023 when they ran a report about a supposed transgender child sex offender who was reportedly caught in possession of child pornography and was trading said content on sites like DeviantArt.[24] Looking up the offender's name only leads to the page in question, putting said report in doubt.


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