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Lee John Barnes is an ex-BNP nutcase from Britain. He runs the blog 21st Century British Nationalism.

Once the British National Party's legal director, he resigned in August 2010 after falling out with party leader Nick Griffin.[1]

Barnes is pessimistic about the state of modern Britain. "Today we have what I call Brookers Britain", he writes. "A simpering, pathetic land of twitting fuckwits, facebook posting arsewipes and simpering metrosexuals that are about as masculine as a former Russian female shot putter... I used to love the British stiff upper lip, now we have the metro-sexual droopy dick."[2]

Barnes is critical of Christianity and instead favours Odin-worship, predicting "the rebirth of Yggdrasil and the West after the Ragnarok of the last 1300 years of European history marred by wars, religious extremism, the burning of heretics and the collapse of the West into the black hole of liberalism and materialism."[3]

He occasionally writes satire. However, as he is terrible at it, all he ends up doing is raving about Kermit the Frog. Nevertheless, his commentators see him as a comic genius.[4]

When discussing Barnes' writing the distinction between fiction and non-fiction is largely academic, but for what it's worth Barnes has been working on a novel entitled Invasion. Parts of it have been posted on his blog.[5] It's something about UFOs or whatever.

Barnes has been known to dabble in film criticism. Commenting on The Dark Knight he stated that "Just like Odin the Joker is an agent of chaos, a force unleashed to destroy a sick society and to make way for a new order."[6] Uh-huh.