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Debbie Schlussel

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Debbie Schlussel is an extreme right-wing commentator who apparently has fantasies of being the next Ann Coulter. She does have Coulter's two most prominent traits, in that she is

  1. Blonde.
  2. Only slightly to the political left of Mussolini. (Actually in her case, she thinks everybody besides herself is a liberal, so she might think Il Duce is one too.)

What she lacks is Coulter's media exposure. She also is not as funny as Coulter (if you're part of their target audience).

Most of her commentary focuses on an obsessive hatred and fear of Muslims, best illustrated by her statement: "Rot In Hell, Osama Bin Laden. One down, 1.8 billion to go..."[1] In Schlussel's world view, any Muslim anywhere expressing any sign of faith is a terrorist plotting the next World Trade Center attack. Another major element of her commentary is going after every other right-wing figure as a secret liberal.

She had performed one public service, writing an exposé of Sean Hannity's Freedom Alliance charity for wounded soldiers and survivors of fallen ones, pointing out that only three percent of the funds collected actually go to the targeted recipients.[2] This story had originally been broken three years earlier (2007) by Daily Kos,[3] but they are liberal commies out to smear a great man by asking questions no rich white conservative should ever have to answer. David Frum, however, disagreed with her analysis.[4] She also dissed Ted Nugent for being a draft-dodging hypocrite, so that earns her another point.

In early June 2012, she garnered some international attention. While posthumously awarding Jan KarskiWikipedia's W.svg a Presidential Medal of Freedom, Obama made a gaffe and used the phrase "Polish death camps" during his speech to refer to Nazi concentration camps on Polish territory. This was met with criticism in Poland, where it was compared to saying that 9/11 was an American terrorist attack or that Guantánamo is a Cuban prison.[5] Commenting on this situation, Schlussel wrote a post where she claimed that Poles were complicit in the Holocaust and eagerly helped Nazis murder millions of Jews, including her family.[6] These assertions were widely reported in Polish press[7] and caused her blog and Facebook page to be flooded with angry Poles. She shrugged off the response as further proof of Polish antisemitism. Facebook removed her post as hate speech,[8] but later reinstated it and apologized. As of June 28, she blocked all Polish IPs from entering her site and resumed routine Muslim-baiting.

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