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Tatum in 2018 at a Turning Point USA event
Parroting squawkbox
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And a dirty dozen more
It's sad that so MANY black folks are dying to be a victim

At a private university with the world ahead of them, crying about oppression & claiming black people are still SLAVES They fight to vote against their own political interest at over 90%

MLK is rolling in his grave..
—Brandon Tatum (Apr 3, 2019)[1]
Being a Trump supporter is the new GAY.

People are strategically waiting for the right moment to "come out" to the world. Some will be rejected by family and friends. Some will be alienated from jobs & opportunities were intolerance runs rampant.

Do yall agree or no?

Brandon Tatum (1987–) is a former police officer turned hat salesman. While protecting and serving the community is something that Brandon has always been very passionate about, delivering unhinged rants from his car and confirming the vile opinions of his fans appears to be a much more lucrative career than merely walking the beat.


Tatum assumed the role of Director of Urban Engagement for Turning Point USA in early 2018. With the help of his co-workers and fellow tokens, Candace Owens and Rob Smith, he embarked on a mission to spread the gospel of conservatism and police apologia. However, by early 2019, it had appeared that Brandon was no longer employed by Turning Point USA. Brandon currently has his own radio show that's based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Tatum is also a co-founder of BLEXIT, a campaign founded by his partner in crime, Candace Owens, that seeks to get more African-Americans to vote for Republicans.

Political positions[edit]

Tatum is a run-of-the-mill wingnut whose political positions are almost identical to those of just about any person that you would find in the comments section of a "Blue Haired SJW get DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC!!" video on YouTube.

Brandon's Greatest Hits[edit]

  • He thinks that Trump supporters face the same kinds of oppression and discrimination that gay people do. Ironic coming from a man who constantly complains about victimhood culture.[1]
  • He thinks celebrities shouldn't talk about politics unless they're conservatives.[2]
  • He says that racism doesn't exist anymore, but the Democratic Party is the most evil and racist party in America.[3]
  • He claims that laws banning guns won't curb behavior but also says that Alabama's abortion ban saved millions of unborn babies.[4]
  • He claims to not divide people and that everyone should be loved the same yet insists that there's a crucial difference between legal and undocumented immigrants.[5]
  • He claims that the Democratic Party demonizes white people but also claims that it is the party of the KKK. According to him, Democrats hate white people but also think that they're superior. Weird, isn't it?[6]
  • He claims that taxation is theft but blames people that he doesn't like for not being victims of that same kind of "theft."[7]
  • He claims that Donald Trump can't possibly be a racist because a lot of people voted for him.[8]
  • He can't decide if one should be able to criticize America without having to move somewhere else.[9]
  • He's still not sure if toxic masculinity exists.[10]
  • Brandon, being the free speech warrior that he is, claimed that Kathy Griffin should have been jailed for joking about beheading Trump.[11][12]
  • When Harvard rescinded its admission to Kyle Kashuv for using the word "nigger" back in 2017, Brandon was more than happy to accept an apology. But, when Democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam was caught wearing blackface in the 1980s, Brandon claimed that an apology wasn't enough. If Northam was a Trump sycophant, his apology would have been accepted.[13][14]
  • He's still not sure if virtue signalling works.[15]
  • He claims to fully embrace the Second Amendment but claims that having a firearm is enough of a reason to be shot by the police.[16]
  • He claims to support prison reform despite also claiming that innocent people (Central Park FiveWikipedia) should be in prison.[17]
  • He argues that the concept of white privilege both contributes in making black people more privileged and also hurting them. He also claims that black people are favored in job opportunities and university positions with an amount of evidence equal to the amount of fucks left in my closet.[18]

Stopped clock[edit]

  • He claims that white moderates or liberals who like to apologize for their whiteness doesn't actually help the cause, and in fact harms it. This specific detail isn't completely wrong, given that we all have that friend that likes to virtue-signal about how woke they are without actually lifting a finger to solve structural or institutional problems, BRENDA.[19]

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