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Lee Jussim
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Lee J. Jussim (1955–) is an American right-wing apolitical social psychologist and free speech activist who writes articles for Areo Magazine and Quillette criticizing alleged left-wing bias in academia.[1][2] When he is not fighting the evils of left-wing bias, Jussim likes talking about the mathematics of ham sandwiches.[3]


Jussim is a distinguished professor of psychology at Rutgers University.[4] Jussim is a hard working social psychologist and has published much valuable research on social perception and stereotypes in the 1990s. He has a h-index of 51 so he is highly cited/influential within his field.[5][6]

His book Social Perception and Social Reality: Why Accuracy Dominates Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Bias received the American Publisher’s Association award for best book in psychology of 2012.[7] Jussim is a fan of conservative feminism and has argued that "liberals have no monopoly on advancing women's interests".[8]

Opposition to left-wing biases[edit]

Jussim appears to have an obsession criticizing alleged left-wing bias in academia. Most of his recent papers are on this topic, and he talks about it far too much on Twitter. In a 2018 article for Areo Magazine, he wrote that "there has been a dangerous rise in leftist intolerance that distorts scholarship, corrupts the academy, and endangers academic freedom and fundamental human rights."[9] He opposes left-wing professors on college campuses.[9]

Unfortunately, Jussim has been influenced by dubious far-right researchers such as Bo Winegard, Nathan Cofnas and Michael A. Woodley of Menie, and cites them as reliable sources on the topic of exposing 'political bias' in academic research.[10] Winegard, Cofnas and Woodley of Menie are associated with HBD pseudoscience. Jussim has also defended the controversial race and intelligence research of Noah Carl, which is widely considered to be racist. Carl was sacked from University of Cambridge in 2019.[11][12][13] Jussim has described Carl's research as "scholarly work".[14] In early 2020, Jussim deleted all his supportive tweets of Noah Carl.

Claire Lehmann is a fan of Jussim's opposition to left-wing bias in social psychology and has described him as a "rebellious scientist".[15] Go figure.

On RationalWiki[edit]

Jussim dislikes RationalWiki with a passion, "RationalWiki is a Leninist-style hatchet job on politicized issues".[16]

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