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We are fans of Quillette, not competitors
—Areo Magazine[1]

Areo Magazine is a right-wing online magazine that campaigns for *cough, cough* "free speech," *cough* opposes political correctness and bashes the left. The magazine is heavily associated with the Intellectual Dark Web and some of its authors support eugenics and the pseudoscientific HBD movement.

The magazine has been described as "Quillette's slightly more subtle twin sister".[2] Many of Areo's authors also write articles for Quillette.[2]


Areo Magazine has published articles from a quirky merry band of authors:

  • Helen Pluckrose, the current editor of Areo Magazine.[3][4]
  • Jonathan Anomaly (also a Quillette writer)[5], a eugenicist associated with the HBD online network and blogsphere.
  • Noah Carl (also a Quillette writer)[6][7], a pseudoscientific "race realist" who was dismissed from his position as a Toby Jackman Newton Trust Research Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge because he authored racist papers in the OpenPsych pseudojournals and the Mankind Quarterly.
  • Bo Winegard (also a Quillette writer)[8], a pseudoscientific race realist who was dismissed from his position as Assistant Professor of Psychology at Marietta College.[9][10]
  • Ben Sixsmith (also a Quillette writer) has defended "Right-Wing Intellectuals" including racists such as Charles Murray (co-author of The Bell Curve).[11]
  • Reza Ziai, authored an article defending the free speech activities of Jordan Peterson.[12] Peterson promotes irrational conspiracy theories, has been criticized as an "alt-right darling" and a "favorite of the alt-right" but this does not appear to bother Ziai.[13][14]
  • Chris Ferguson (also a Quillette writer) authored an article defending Bo Winegard after he was fired and suggested it was an attack on academic freedom.[15] Ferguson does not seem to care that Winegard's racialist comments have offended people.
  • John Glynn, a person who faked his credentials as a psychologist with a PhD in order to publish articles. After the hoax was exposed, Areo still kept the fraudulent articles, but later deleted them after it came out that they were plagiarized.[16]
  • Lee Jussim (also a Quillette writer) authored an article criticizing left-wing professors on college campuses claiming "there has been a dangerous rise in leftist intolerance that distorts scholarship, corrupts the academy, and endangers academic freedom and fundamental human rights."[17]
  • Samuel Kronen (also a Quillette writer), a pseudoscientific race realist and author of an article titled "#ItsOkayToBeWhite" which argued that Americans should "recognize white identity as an ethnic identity like any other, rather than a source of specialness or a scourge to be eradicated" and suggested that "in a country in which whites will soon be a minority, it may not be a good idea to tolerate the radical left’s anti-white sentiments."[18]
  • Philippe Lemoine (also a Quillette writer), a pseudoscientific race realist who argues that police violence against black people is rare in the United States.[19] He authored an article "There Is No Epidemic of Police Brutality against Black Men".[20]
  • Chris Sabaitis (also a Quillette writer) authored an article defending nuclear energy and attacking renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines.[21][22]
  • Steve Sailer, a white supremacist associated with VDARE. He has not authored an article (yet) but does comment on the website.[23]
  • Toby Young (Associate editor for Quillette),[24] a British right-wing journalist known for supporting eugenics and making homophobic and misogynistic comments on Twitter.[25][26]

Areo's claim that "our contributors are intellectually, professionally and ideologically diverse and include liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, atheists and religious believers" is obviously not accurate.[3]

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