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I am not breaking the law.
—Sinead Quinn, Owner of Quinn Blakey[1]
Under common law, operating my business is not breaking the law.
—Sinead Quinn, Owner of Quinn Blakey[2]

Sinead Quinn (August 1991–)[3] is a "selfish and irresponsible"[4] hairdresser and owner of the Quinn Blakey hairdressing salon in Oakenshaw, West Yorkshire, who defied COVID-19 lockdown regulations as part of the so-called "Great Reopening" pseudolegal scheme, wasting over fifty hours of Kirklees Council time in the process,[4] and went on to engage in a variety of increasingly bizarre anti-lockdown and conspiracy theorist behaviour as the hairspray withdrawal started getting to her.[5] She was one of a number of business owners and managers who thought they could keep their businesses open by displaying a notice proclaiming their "right to enter into lawful dissent" and declaring the business "under the jurisdiction of common law" based on a misunderstanding of Article 61 of the Magna Carta. Such arguments in modern times are generally restricted to proponents of Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) schemes such as freeman on the land and sovereign citizens.[6] As of last reporting on May 24th, 2022, she owes £8,436 in unpaid court-ordered costs and fines.[7]

Lock it down[edit]

Quinn, by remaining open in November 2020, quickly racked up £17,000 in fines which she did not "consent" to, before the council issued a closure notice and took her to court.[8][9][10][11] Accusing the authorities of "absolute harassment" and "stalking",[12] she released a video of one encounter in which she tells them:

You're speaking to my fictitious character. I am a living woman and I don't consent to any fines. I'm not entering into any contract with you or the police.[2]

Magistrates finally ordered the salon to close "to prevent nuisance to members of the public and to safeguard public health" for the 36 hours until nationwide lockdown restrictions were to be lifted anyway.[13][14] Quinn, who did not attend the court, nonetheless, set up a GoFundMeWikipedia stating:

By no means do I think the council will be successful in trying to extort money from me. I am simply doing this so that people don’t take it upon themselves to create a gofundme on my behalf and possibly run off with the money![15]

She raised over £10,000,[16] but said this would go to her brother, business partner and fellow conspiracy theorist, Stephen's ultimately unsuccessful fight against cancer,[17] and, sure enough, the council had to take further legal action when the fines went unpaid,[18] finally securing a court date for August 2021.[19][20]

The Great Unopening[edit]

A court injunction was taken out in January 2021, adding another £2,455 in court costs to her tally,[21] when Quinn threatened to flout lockdown regulations again the following year as part of "The Great Opening" campaign on social media,[22] and police presence on the day prevented that happening.[23][24] Despite promising "We go again Monday,"[25] she also failed to open the following day.[26] The next the council heard from her, in fact, was an application for a lockdown support grant, which they rejected for, well, obvious reasons.[27] Quinn took to Instagram to air her grievance over the rejection.


Quinn quickly embraced a her new role as an anti-lockdown influencer with 9,000 followers on Instagram, despite the platform having already threatened to suspend her account for "hate speech or symbols".[28] She promoted "The North Unites" anti-lockdown rally,[29] by fearmongering that vaccine shortages would lead to another lockdown.[30] She also posted her attendance at an anti-lockdown protest in London where she bravely fought for our freedom by wandering unmasked through a park,[31] and responding to criticism that she was putting others' lives at risk by not wearing a mask, by refusing to wear a mask on the train journey back.[32]

There was more grievance mongering with a complaint that TV presenter Holly Willoughby was still allowed to get her hair done for "entertaining those brainwashed at home" while Quinn Blakey remained closed.[33] She encouraged her followers to leave their masks at home while rebelliously binning her census form.Wikipedia[34] And claimed that COVID-19 regulations about pub and restaurants only serving outside were ridiculous in bad weather.[35] She went old school with the claim:

If you know that covid restrictions are not the law, then you will know that certain other things are not law either... Like paying TAX. There is no LAW that says you have to pay tax…[36]

She has also bought in to conspiracy theories about how we will be controlled through bank accounts and benefits unless we insist on continuing to use cash.[37]

PPEd off[edit]

Quinn Blakey finally reopened in April 2021, and Quinn celebrated by responding to concerns about her lack of a face mask or PPE from followers who clearly hadn't been paying attention, that:

No, I do not wear a mask. I do not wear any PPE. I do not wear a mask when I go out, in supermarkets — nothing. Because they do not work — do they? Otherwise we would not be in lockdown every few months.[38]

This also gave her the opportunity to angrily call out Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a hypocrite when he appeared unmasked on the local campaign trail.[39]

Court in the act[edit]

The long-awaited court case took place at Kirklees Magistrates' Court without Quinn in attendance, as her unopened summons was returned along with a pseudolegal letter reading:

Notice please find enclosed package returned unseen. The package is not correctly addressed and is not accepted.

It is required that the verified contract signed by us with a verified claim with the name of a man/woman as plaintiff is shown within 7 days of this notice.

We have no legal obligation in this matter until this is shown.

Who is the man/woman who has a claim in this matter? Julie Muscroft? Miss S Qamar?

If a fictional plaintiff continues to act without our consent he/she is liable for all costs in this matter and the same for the harm and loss caused to the woman Sinead.

The woman Sinead does not accept the role of defendant.

No contract.


Witness — Paul

Witness — Sheila

Sinead (fingerprint) — autograph[40]

Quinn was convicted on six counts of breaching COVID-19 regulations and four charges of obstructing a person carrying out their duty. She was fined £6,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2,200, with the £17,000 in fixed penalty notices dropped following the ruling.[41][42] As of last reporting on May 24th, 2022, the fines remain unpaid.[7]

See also[edit]

  • Aron Walton, a tattooist and parlour manager who also cited Magna Carta in defying lockdown.


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