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The National Secular Society (NSS) is a British organisation that campaigns for secularism in the UK; to get religion out of public life. The NSS opposes the promotion of religion in public schools; sees no need for public taxation to help finance the Church of England, its Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish counterparts; feels bishops of the Church of England deserves no special place in the House of Lords; campaigns for the widespread acceptance and adoption of secular values. The NSS is one of two secularist groups in the United Kingdom working nationally, the other being Humanists UK. Both groups are members of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.[1][2]

The NSS opposes religious bodies being able to force their opinions onto wider society in areas such as divorce, euthanasia and stem cell research.[3][4]

In 10 February 2012, the NSS and an atheist councillor took Bideford Town Council to the High Court over prayers held before meetings. The High Court ruled the town council was breaking the law, specifically the Local Government Act 1972, and prayers should stop.[5] This ruling will apply to all councils in England and Wales.[6] The ruling was welcomed by the British Humanist Association,[7][8] but criticised by many Christians,[9][10][11] including Christian groups, MPs, and (surprise, surprise!) the Daily Fail.[12]

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