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Their ass to your brain
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Harry Brewis,[1] better known as hbomberguy or Harris Bomberguy[note 1], is a YouTube talker who identifies as an "extreme left" libertarian socialist.[2][3][4] Brewis is known for his videos ridiculing right-wing, anti-feminist, and/or bigoted YouTubers.

As of October 2017, his channel had over 168k subscribers and 13.8 million views[5] and he makes over $5,300 per video, according to Patreon.[6]



Brewis' bread and butter is mocking the anti-feminist "skeptic" community on YouTube:

Brewis created a Chrome extension to censor "reactionary" YouTube suggestions;[17] it has only 3000 users.[18]


Although Brewis' YouTube content focuses on debunking others, his off-YouTube content is substantially more political. For example, on Ask.FM he wrote:[3]

I'm a very far left socialist type with a reverence for the actual philosophers of the communist movement and their writings. While I'm often unsure what to label myself, what I want is a version of capitalism that actually works sustainably, and doesn't simply lurch from crisis to crisis while inflicting unethical labor on places that we don't think about as 'our problem' - working conditions rise in the west because we exported the dirtier, more shitty jobs elsewhere. Whether or not a 'version' of capitalism that doesn't have these aspects could even be called capitalism remains to be seen.

On Twitter, he frequently attacks capitalism and defends socialism.[19][20] For example, on the subject of YouTube demonetizing people for their politics, he wrote:[21]

BTW: People complaining that the system doesn't support their ideas ARE describing a real problem. It's almost as if Capitalism is bad. Like, the system's ability to repress ideas by defunding them, when you need money to live, is a genuine issue. The solution is not this libertarian-tolerance approach where you try to berate advertisers into being unbiased[.] The solution is to create a society where not being monetised means you won't starve to death.

However, because Brewis' videos rarely feature his ideology, it seems unlikely that his viewers understand how extreme his views are, and it is difficult to know exactly what beliefs Brewis holds beyond a general far-left-ism.

Media Analysis[edit]

Brewis also makes videos analyzing media he likes and dislikes,[22][23][24][25] sometimes with a political attitude.[26][27]

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    And it's not just Rage that puts Crowder to shame. If you want to see his claims get debunked in more detail there are many good videos out there by the seminal and personally inspirational Potholer54.


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