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Harry Brewis,[1] (1992–)[2] better known as hbomberguy or Harris Bomberguy,[note 1] is a YouTube talker who identifies as a libertarian socialist.[6][7][8] Brewis is known for his gaming reviews, but he has also made videos ridiculing right-wing, anti-feminist, and/or bigoted YouTubers, particularly prominent figureheads of the Gamergate dumpster fire.

His channel has over a million subscribers and 131 million views[9] and he makes over $6,655 per video, according to Patreon.[10][note 2]

Brewis came out as bisexual in July 2018.[11]



Brewis describes himself as an atheist who has no investment in atheism:

There are some stances that require no investment, and are simply words to describe your stance on the issues. I have no investment in atheism, even though I am one.[12]


Brewis' bread and butter is mocking the anti-feminist "skeptic" community on YouTube:

Brewis created a Browser extension for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to disable reactionary YouTube suggestions,[23] which had around 3800 users.[24] However, this extension has been removed from the Chrome web store for "violating the guidelines" at some point.


Although Brewis' YouTube content focuses on debunking others, his off-YouTube content is substantially more political. For example, on Ask.FM he wrote:[7]

I'm a very far left socialist type with a reverence for the actual philosophers of the communist movement and their writings. While I'm often unsure what to label myself, what I want is a version of capitalism that actually works sustainably, and doesn't simply lurch from crisis to crisis while inflicting unethical labor on places that we don't think about as 'our problem' - working conditions rise in the west because we exported the dirtier, more shitty jobs elsewhere. Whether or not a 'version' of capitalism that doesn't have these aspects could even be called capitalism remains to be seen.

On Twitter, he frequently criticises capitalism and defends socialism.[25][26] For example, on the subject of YouTube demonetizing people for their politics, he wrote:[27]

BTW: People complaining that the system doesn't support their ideas ARE describing a real problem. It's almost as if Capitalism is bad. Like, the system's ability to repress ideas by defunding them, when you need money to live, is a genuine issue. The solution is not this libertarian-tolerance approach where you try to berate advertisers into being unbiased[.] The solution is to create a society where not being monetised means you won't starve to death.

He has said he generally supports some versions of communism[28] and has referred to himself as a communist.[29] Having said that, he hates the British Communist Party, describing it as "a fucking nightmare of actual literal stalinists".[30] He is also inconsistent with which label he chooses to describe himself with.

I'd probably throw my hat in with marxism-leninism or straight up full communism, at least as a conversation starter![31]

I would say I'm a Communist but I don't agree with any presently-existing states that call themselves Communist - I simply agree with the larger points of Marx, Weber or Epicurus.[32]

I keep calling myself communist as a way of making a point about the label but it's hard when The Bad Communists are still REAL[33]

I must admit I openly call myself a Communist partially because it drives idiots nuts and not out of any genuine allegiance to a legit commie party.[34]

I sometimes say I'm a socialist, and if it'll annoy the right people in the moment, a communist[35][36]

Question on So are you an Archo-Communist[sic] or a Socialist? I'm kind of confused.
Brewis: I support one as an intermediary and another as an end-goal (or, to put it better, 'theoretical best society').[37]

Question on Curious Cat: You a Marxist? Libsoc? Trot? Or just a big tent socialist?
Brewis: im not clever enough to understand which label my views fall under when taken in totality.[38]

Brewis' videos occasionally contain anti-capitalist messages[39] and he is an outspoken critic of liberal capitalist democracies:

Just to float an idea: How about the global poor unite against the system? There are people in both Russia and America who are sick of this shit, good people who will die pointlessly in traditional warfare. Why not work together to destroy fascism and, while we're at it, the liberal capitalist system that makes for such a comfortable nest?[40]

Do not allow the victory of far-right ideology to strike you as spontaneous. It is baked right into liberal capitalist democracy.[41]

Media analysis[edit]

Brewis also makes videos analyzing media he likes and dislikes,[42][43][44][45] sometimes with a political attitude.[46][47]

Apologism for sexual harassment[edit]

On April 6th 2017, Brewis' content was banned from ever being posted on the socialist subreddit /r/LateStageCapitalism.[48] This was following a Tumblr post made by a former friend and employee of Brewis, Klaus, which has since been deleted. The post featured six screenshots from a Skype conversation that revealed Brewis had cast doubt on Klaus' memory of being sexually harassed by one of his moderators. The post has been archived[49] and there are additional screenshots of him doubting Klaus.[50]

Brewis posted an apology on his own tumblr[51] but initially did not have a link to Klaus' screenshots due to a fear that his fans might "go after" Klaus. After rectifying this, he removed the link again after the posts deletion, and did not feature a link to an archived or re-upload of the screenshots.

Brewis' apology was criticized for not addressing what he was going to alter to remedy the situation, nor mentioning whether or not he was going to cut ties with the moderator in question.[52] The apology was also criticized by the victim, Klaus, himself, for not being an apology at all.[53] Brewis has been criticized for not publicly addressing the situation further, but has stated that "[he has] been directly asked not to talk about it any more by Klaus."[54] The accused moderator in question has been removed from Brewis' Discord.[55]

Mermaids stream[edit]

Trans rights OK!
—Donkey Kong[56]

Graham Linehan, a comedy writer who did some work on a good show 20 years ago who happens to be a very normal man who's just very angry about trans people all day nowadays, went on Mumsnet and told them to email a lady from the National Lottery en masse and now the funding is under review. So well done, Graham! You have a massive audience and the power to choose to fight for progress in all the many forms we need in the world right now and you used it to make sure some children won't have access to helpful resources.

In response to TV writer, transphobe, and self-described "lesbian expert" Graham Linehan's harassment campaign that caused the UK trans childrens' support group Mermaids to have a funding grant held for review[57] Harry held a charity livestream over the weekend of January 19-21, 2019. He played through the notoriously time-consuming video game Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion while viewers donated to the stream.[58][59][60] Over the course of the 57 hour stream, he spoke with various members of the trans community such as:

... in addition to other YouTubers such as: well as other guests, such as:

Throughout the stream, they discussed topics ranging from issues confronting trans people, gender dysphoria and euphoria, the work the Mermaids organization does, nuclear power, differences in the financial model of growing bananas vs. most U.S. agriculture, and ape semen. At the time of its completion, the stream earned approximately $340,000 for Mermaids, roughly half of the grant that was awaiting review.

Shortly after the stream ended, a motion was lodged in the Scottish Parliament to honor him for his efforts, but failed to pass.[63]

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