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Olivier Bernard (a.k.a. Le Pharmachien or The Pharmafist) is a Big Pharma shill[1] part-time pharmacist, part-time blogger and author/cartoonist from Montréal, Québec, Canada. His books and his website both discuss about pharmaceutical science and science in general, and he attacks quite boldly all sorts of myths and pseudoscience. He also drew the best artist's impression of Andrew Wakefield discovering that vaccines cause autism.[2]

​Unfortunately for lots of us, his website and his books are in French. Fortunately for lots of us, a growing part of his website is translated into English.

​Pharma-sir, where can I find the flu busters?[edit]

​Like many other skeptics in the medical community, Bernard denounces the exaggerated statements made by the industry.

What's the difference between voltage and amperage?[edit]

Bernard sometimes writes about unrelated topics, be it mental health,[3] car woo,[4] etc., but usually does so while collaborating with an expert on such matters and giving them full credit.

​Dude, why are you searching in my garbage?![edit]

​As one may expect, the comment section, almost unmoderated by Bernard, can easily get clogged with accusations of not caring about one's made-up, obscure condition, making stuff up (he does not), not giving enough references (he gives quite a lot — almost too much,[citation NOT needed] and being a shill for the pharmaceutical industry (he probably is not, although he used to work for it for a few years[1]). Most comments are quite good, as most of his readers seem to prefer to think critically instead of giving up to fear and visiting less credible websites

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