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RationalWiki:User rights

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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

RationalWiki has a total of thirteen user rights.

For a full list of user groups, see Special:ListGroupRights. To edit user rights, see Special:UserRights.


See the main article on this topic: RW:U

"Users" is automatically given to all registered accounts. (Or, every non-BON.)

Users gain many basic rights, including the power to: mark edits as minor; a 15-second limit between two edits, instead of 30; and send emails to users with confirmed emails, among others.

For a list of all users, see Special:ListUsers.


If a user fits certain conditions, these rights are automatically added.

Autoconfirmed users[edit]

See the main article on this topic: RW:AUTOC

"Autoconfirmed users" is given to all users who:

  1. Are more than 1 day old
  2. Have at least 10 edits

Autoconfirmed users gain the unholy power to:

  • Upload files and images
  • Move pages
  • Edit semi-protected pages
  • Rollback consecutive edits

For some reason, there is no automatically generated list of autoconfirmed users.

Eligible users[edit]

See the main article on this topic: RW:EU

"Eligible user" status is given to all users who:

  1. Have been registered for 90 or more days
  2. Have 75 or more edits

Eligible users gain the right to vote in the mobocratic policy and penalty votes (see RW:CC).

As with autoconfirmed users, there is no automatically-generated list of eligible users.

For a list of voters who are eligible to vote in the RMF board elections, see RationalWiki:RationalMedia Foundation/Voter registration.


These rights are granted by one user to another user.


See the main article on this topic: RW:BOT

"Bot" can be given by: ninja (but only to themselves), moderator, tech

All edits by bot users are marked as "bot", which prevents them from showing up by default in the Special:RecentChanges feed. In essence, this makes them invisible.

For automated tasks and users temporarily doing repetitive tasks, this prevents spamming the Recent Changes feed for everyone else.

Note that the edits of both bots and ninjas are still visible under Special:Contributions for the relevant account.

For a list of bots, see Special:ListUsers/bot.


See the main article on this topic: RW:SYSOP

"Sysop" can be given by: sysop, moderator.

Sysops gain a boatload of rights, best summarized at RationalWiki:Sysop guide. Essentially all users who stick around for a month or two and aren't a dick get sysop. This makes essentially everyone on RW an antivandalism wizard and prevents people from trying to worm their way into sysopship, as is true of Wikipedia.

For a list of sysops, see Special:ListUsers/sysop.


See the main article on this topic: RW:BUR

"Bureaucrat" can be given by: bureaucrat, users with root access.

Bureaucrats were the original sysop/mod/overlords of RW. They're now defunct.

For a list of bureaucrats, see Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat.


See the main article on this topic: RW:MOD

"Moderator" can be given by: moderator.

Moderators can grant sysoprevoke status and ninja & tech rights. Moderator status cannot be removed by mere sysops. Essentially, they're the super-sysops, trusted to try and keep the insanity from overwhelming everything.

For a list of moderators, see Special:ListUsers/moderator.


See the main article on this topic: RW:TECH

"Tech" can be given by: moderator.

In theory, techs have all the rights of moderator plus some powers to edit the RW interface and plugins. In practice, techs are mods who are trusted with the RW machinery, but not with policing the community. Techs can grant ninja rights.

For a list of techs, see Special:ListUsers/tech.


See the main article on this topic: RW:NINJA

"Ninja" can be given by: moderator and tech.

Ninjas can put themselves into "bot" status, which lets them perform repetetive edits without spamming up recent changes. Since these edits are hidden, this requires that other users trust you beyond where they can see you. If you're that one guy who loves recategorizing shit, please ask someone for ninja.

For a list of ninjas, see Special:ListUsers/ninja.


See the main article on this topic: RW:STAFF

"Staff" can be given by: users with root access.

Staff members are members of the RMF. The group doesn't actually have any extra rights (aside from being able to edit the user interface, which makes fundraising easier). But if a staff says, "Hey, that's illegal material and you shouldn't post that shit here", their opinion comes with a bit more weight.

For a list of staff members, see Special:ListUsers/staff.


See the main article on this topic: RW:SYSREV

"Sysoprevoke" can be given by: moderator.

Sysoprevoke is a user "right" which can only be added or removed by mods. It prevents a user from using any of the tools of sysop, even if they are marked as being a sysop in user rights. In other words, it prevents anyone apart from a mod from re-sysopping someone.

For a list of sysoprevoked users, see Special:ListUsers/sysoprevoke.


See the main article on this topic: RW:AUTOP

"Autopatrolled" can be given by: sysop, moderator, tech.

Autopatrolled users (1) don't have to do CAPTCHA before editing and (2) can edit with unlimited edit speed. Moreover, when a sysop is viewing edits (as in Recent Changes or a page history), edits by autopatrolled users will no longer have those pesky little red exclamation marks (!) next to their edits, meaning their edits are probably trustworthy.

For a list of autopatrolled users, see Special:ListUsers/autopatrolled.

Check user[edit]

See the main article on this topic: RW:CU

"Check user" is a banned user right. RW felt that this is a violation of privacy, leads to witchunts, and is another stupidity of Conservapedia — and ended it.

Check user grants the ability to see what IP(s) a user has used.

There is no list of check users; none exist.

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