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June 2011[edit]

10Educated idiocy: Chris Mooney notes that research on belief about climate change shows that more education makes Republicans less likely to believe it's happening while the reverse is true for Democrats.
8The Conversation wraps up an excellent two-week series called "Clearing up the Climate Debate"
5Baron Robert Skidelsky on the embattled status of free speech in Britain.
7The Hampture is near! Countdown to hamsternaut deployment has started.
7A new Pew poll shows evangelicals don't like evolution...or yoga.
9Miss USA contestants answer the question: Should math be taught in schools? Okay, not really, but it's a hilarious spoof.
-13A "religious atheist" lists five things atheists have wrong about religion.
7Michele Bachmann uses just about every Republican budgetary PRATT in the book, Salon issues a good debunking.
8Ron Paul wants to know: Where's the gold in that thar fort?
44 P. Z. Myers writes beautiful open letter to a nine-year old suggesting that "how do you know?" is a better question than "were you there?". The dribbling idiot who came up with the "were you there?" question complains. Mom weighs in without reading the letter.
12Michael Egnor has started his own blog called "Egnorance." No shit.
7Robert Nozick's libertarianism.
27Darryl Cunningham explains evolution in an excellent comic. Too bad that's about 5 orders of magnitude more text and information than an average creationist is able to absorb without going crosseyed and lolling their tongue.
6Medical professionals launch Science-ish, a fact-checker on medical journalism.
9Shorter Hillary then: Hey Dubya, stop terrorism-baiting! Shorter Hillary now: You're either with us or against us.
11With Expelled going under the hammer, the TalkOrigins Archive Foundation plans to put in a bid. The foundation is raising money for this bid. But, caveat emptor: Jinx hi Jinx! warns that "if you’re donating money, be aware that you’re simply lining the pockets of these guys."
14This is what happens when you fail to apply the KISS rule to cheating.
18Bad Science: Kids who spot bullshit, and the adults who get upset about it.
13All 51 Miss USA contestants answer the question "Should evolution be taught in schools?" Make sure your head and desk are well-rested before watching.
9Daniel Loxton traces the history of the "don't be a dick" arguments in the "skeptical movement" - from the mid-19th century to Phil Plait's speech at TAM 8.
3VIDEO: An early 1990s singalong wif teh L. Ronnies. Update: Orac thinks uber-crank Mike Adams might have been in the video.
10It's not just Andy: Using facts on conservatives makes them cling to their beliefs even more firmly.
8Wait, who is it that's "subverting the peer review process" in the global warming "debate" again?
7An amazing brain injury recovery.
8It's a shit sandwich...literally.
11CIA official admits to attempts to illegally spy on Juan Cole. Surely they will be held accountable for this, right?
17Ah, the glorious advantages of privatization! Prior to 2006, the then-publicly owned Indiana Toll Road hadn't seen a rate hike in two decades. Since the toll road was privatized in 2006, the toll has doubled, with most of that increase going to line the pockets of foreign investors rather than to the maintenance of the highway. (And yet the majority of Hoosiers would still rather cut off their right arms than vote for a Democrat.)
7As a result of Fukushima, natural gas may begin to replace nuclear in Europe. Joe Romm has recently detailed some of the ups and downs of natural gas and fracking.
7Apparently, not only is the Syrian lesbian blogger who was recently "kidnapped" by her government actually a straight man, but now it comes out Paula Brooks, a supposedly deaf lesbian blogger is also a straight man.
5You too can have your own expert for hire.
11Daniel Ellsberg (leaker of the Pentagon Papers) claims that if Richard Nixon were alive today, he would feel vindicated for all the dirty tricks he committed against Ellsberg because the Patriot Act and other laws passed since 9/11 have made those dirty tricks legal.
9Creeping Sharia: Not coming to a courthouse near you.
12New study confirms existing prejudice: (G)Libertarianism is about freedom from taxes and regulation.
6It's peer-reviewed! A new anti-vax study citing the likes of the Geier family and Russell Blaylock is making the rounds.
6Slate ponders how to convince people who believe a man named Babu can cure AIDS with herbs to go with western medicine instead.
8Canada's election explained.
7Wegman: The copypasta never stops.
12A victory for sanity: Psychology Today shitcans major evo psych asshat Satoshi Kanazawa.
7Andrew Breitbart's long history as a liar.
5The "true" self.
7Whither Elizabeth Warren?
6Village idiots in wonderland (as usual).
7Financial "reform" was shot full of loopholes. Hoocoodanode?
13The nonsensical "Obama misery index."
9Goldman gets served but "dodges" the Gaddafi bullet.
13No True Libertarian...
3Economic outlook: It stinks!
19Stuck on a boat with a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Includes a scientifically accurate reflexology chart.