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Russell Blaylock

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Dr. Russell Blaylock (1945–) is a retired neurosurgeon and a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (which are synonymous anyway).

He is a prominent member of the mercury militia, having frequently written and given speeches on the dangers of vaccines and dental woo about mercury amalgam fillings.[1] He also attacks other classic alternative medicine bogeymen like aspartame and water fluoridation.[2]

He peddles a mixture of vitamin supplements and other assorted nature woo he calls the "Brain Repair Formula."

Newsmax allows him to spread his blatherskite with their "Dr. Blaylock Wellness Report" segment, where, in addition to promoting his woo, he rails against the spectre of health care rationing and claims the Soviets were responsible for creating widespread drug usage and other health epidemics in America.[3] He has also appeared on Infowars.[4][5] and Natural News.[6]


Blaylock apparently showed some Skepticism about Obamacare.[7].

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