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Casey Luskin is a lawyer and one of the primary shills for the intelligent design advocacy group the Discovery Institute. When he speaks, he tends to go up at the end of every sentence, like it was a questionWikipedia. Okay, so it's really, really difficult to convey this in text, just see it for yourself.[1]

The irony of putting a lawyer at the head of the largest ID "research" organization is lost on most of its followers.

Mr Luskin obtained a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree in Earth Sciences from the University of California, San Diego. He worked for the Scripps Institute for Oceanography (1997-2002) doing geological survey work.

Luskin is particularly famous for his claims that published articles on evolution contain "veiled threats"[2] against creationism and that Nature has launched a propaganda war on creationism[3]. Of course, science itself is a threat to creationism, but Luskin appears to reject the distinction between scientific evidence and polemics, and between criticism of creationism and personal attacks.


He is co-author of the paper "Paleomagnetic Results from the Snake River Plain: Contribution to the Time Averaged Field Global Database" which was on magnetic reversal evidence in rocks and used Radiometric dating to place ages. Lisa Tauxe, Casey Luskin, and Peter Selkin are given as the authors. Lisa Tauxe was Luskin's advisor for his Masters program. Check her C.V HERE Peter Selkin has a PhD in Earth Science from Scripps Institute.

He also published as a lawyer. His published work includes "Intelligent Design Will Survive Kitzmiller v. Dover; DeWolf, David K.; West, John G.; Luskin, Casey" and "Alternative Viewpoints about Biological Origins as Taught in Public Schools; Luskin, Casey" published in the Journal of Church and State.

He is the co-author of the book Science and Human Origins.


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