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July 2009[edit]

1That's right, government healthcare is worse than; infanticide, sex-selective abortions and the abandonment of infant girls.
4God speaks to Julie, who, by the way, performs exorcisms, in a bathroom stall at a rest stop. Proof positive that God exists and we're going to hell.
3We're sure this makes some kind of sense in Bill's mind.
6A metaphysical dilemma breaks out amongst WND readers, when even Ann Coulter thinks they are nuts. Update: And now Bill O'Reilly does too.
-2**Whine** The new NIH director should meet with us poor IDers to help us with science.
-1 Hmmmm... why do Darwinists have a hard time being civil? Maybe because of the silly ad hominems about them...
-10 Obama is the best president ever IF he destroys the country and leaves us to figure out the pieces.... and if he doesn't, vote for me as president!
0Don't worry Julie, despite greenies weird speculation you are still the craziest person in the room.
-1Complete works of a right-wing nutcase -- enter at your own peril...
-2Bill Dewison of LabourList.org tries some vaccine hysteria for size. Thimerosal doesn't make it into the vaccines, idiot!
2WND live blogs its edit war at Wikipedia. Bonus polls lulz: Obama is pressuring Wikipedia to hide the truth.
-5Alleged Catholic Brent Bozell shows the world that he is nothing but a jealous, bitter, sick man.
8WND is concerned that Obama's stimulus would violate constitutional freedoms by transferring your medical records to electronic copies in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information. 4 hours earlier they were upset that restrictions on medical records prevented them from finding out which hospital Hitler Obama was born in. Consistency much?
1Clarification:God doesn't hate gay people. God hates the demons inside of gay people. Ooh boy! Wouldn't Julie just love to take a red marker to some of those signs the congregation of Westborough Baptist Church carries around.
11 Easy way to write a shit blog piece - finish obvious satirical statements with NOT.
-15The Reds break every irony meter this side of the ocean by complaining about people who control and restrict science. They also seem to think that the Church of England is state-funded.
11Pat Buchanan and evilution.
-4The Discovery Institute commissions a lame push poll that puts an "unguided process" vs. "intelligent design."