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September 2011[edit]

20An insight into the motivations for libertoonianism: Saying the rich should pay taxes is exactly like saying the government should make hot women put out more.
10Elections - who needs 'em?
7Top commenters: "Thank you Prime Minister Harper, for expanding the Oil Sands to only 6.2% of Canada's GDP comes from the energy sector ensure the socialist lefties' welfare state! Patrick Moore is bullshit correct and An Inconvenient Truth is a joke! Don't listen to the cries of the Nobel Prize laureates cause Obomba (really, that's his new nickname) got one!"
10Oh no, gender equality is killing boners!
21"Pot, this is Kettle, you're a fat fucking moron, Rush."
10The denialist's IPCC: It's back.
22CERN presents tentative evidence suggesting the possibility proves neutrinos travel faster than light, therefore homeopathy works.
16Facebook, Google and social media sites actively censor Christian content! ... by refusing to give special concessions to actively discriminatory and pathological organisations even if they're churches.
16There's no proof LGBT people exist.
11Biometric photographs are the "Mark of the Beast" and violate religious rights.
7Terry Hurlbut cheers as the wingnuts prepare to split (or alienate) the Republican vote.
9Oh noez! Atheists ripped up a Bible. This makes them just as bad as fundamentalist zealots!
11The Wizard of Oz is the work of Satan. (as told by a somewhat obese preacher)
6J.R. Dunn of The American Thinker on the "race card": "Accusations of racism have the same impact no matter how asinine, irrelevant, or ridiculous they may be." Perhaps we can start believing that once Jonah Goldberg's racism accusations start making a splash.
10Michele Bachmann is an idiot medical genius.
2An Arab Christian on the Palestinian suicide bombings: What type of person or society would accept the notion of glorifying children's martyrdom? A good question, that. Now tell us again what all those children are doing on the Calendar of Saints?
22CMI: The idea of "junk DNA" is junk, because cells would not bother copying such DNA; DNA was instead coded up by God. Apparently this Divine Software Engineer would not dream of using such a thing as an error-correcting code. Also apparently, each cell qualifies as a member of MENSA and knows right off the bat which DNA is junk and which is not. Ironically enough, it is proved (and already was when the article was published) that "junk DNA" is not junk at all, but actually regulates gene activity. Studies of change in those "regulator genes" as what was formerly called "junk DNA" is now called actually provides more evidence for evolution.
8O Jerusalem America, thou that stonest smearest the prophets. O Judas Obama, thou that betrayest a prophet for 30 pieces of silver political influence, and bowest before the altar of Baal for publicity.
12Joseph Farah still wants Sarah Palin to be president. How can she overcome her unelectability, ignorance, and the general hatred towards her by liberals? By running as a Democrat, of course.
27Atlanta truthers are so upset at Bob Blaskiewicz of Skeptical Humanities and his Skeptical Inquirer piece on truthers that they are resorting to ... satirical LOLcats.
0Mrs. Henry A. Giroux is much concerned about "anti-intellectualism in American life;" "anti-intellectual" being defined as an intellectual who supports "market fundamentalism," e.g., "Milton Freedman" or people who go about waving the "Gladstone flag."
13Why have we never gone back to the moon? Nazis and aliens!
16'Cuz all Mooslimz are tarr'ists! Geddit?
6It was in the National Enquirer so it must be true!
9Careful not to let those chakras get out of alignment or you'll become a morbidly obese packrat.
11Obama's approval ratings are dropping. Therefore, he will soon launch a false flag terror attack inside the US.
5Chris Hedges: Images of the 9/11 "jumpers" have been expunged from public consciousness because they did not fit into Bushite mythology. Reality: The "jumper" images are even featured on war-hawk blogs.
-17Dean Baker: Conservatives advocate just as much intervention in the markets as "progressives" do. Guess we won't be able to call it "laissez-faire capitalism" anymore.
6The Libyan rebels are all CIA agents. Also, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was not released for compassionate reasons, but because he was about to be acquitted and expose a massive conspiracy to frame him, carried out because somebody had a crystal ball and divined that Iraq was going to invade Kuwait a few years later.
16Joseph Farah ramps up the paranoia.
8WND: Buy the DVD that predicts the day that Jesus will return! We just don't know which year...
13David Klinghoffer: the parallels between darwinism and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Some delicious irony here...
9Above Top Secret releases the results of their poll looking into 9/11 conspiracies. At least one commenter has their head screwed on right, though: "Results leaning strongly toward a conspiracy on a conspiracy website? Who would have thunk?".
23Standing is socialism!
6Teach the Controversy is coming to a United Kingdom near you.
6Michael Egnor seems to be angling to set a new high (low?) in semantic bullshitting by a creationist.
7Poor al-Jazeera; they're so ignorant of what is going on in their part of the world as not to realize that the only player in the Libyan war even worth talking about is NATO.
4If the police "kick in someone's door at 3 A.M.," they are guilty of terrorism. But if a person makes eight Molotov cocktails with the intent of using them for revenge against the police, it is, of course, completely absurd to call him a "domestic terrorist."
-5Chris Hedges on the overthrow of Gaddafi: A time for rejoicing another round of bawling about neo-conservative foreign policy.
14Global Frauding is an attack on science by post-modern leftists.
9Michele Bachmann: Crypto-Jew.
13Mike Adams has it figured out: Everything is fake except for quackery and conspiracy theories!
4Soldiers are suffering from shell shock battle fatigue PTSD soul corrosion.
15U.S. Reps. Maxine Waters and Andre Carson are opposed to the Tea Party. The New Black Panther Party has posted a YouTube video. Therefore, President Obama is soon to start a race war.img
-2Anna Hazare is a stinking petty-bourgeois authoritarian nationalist who refuses to admit that corruption in India has a deeper cause than mere corrupt officials.
53American Thinker: It is "un-American" to permit poor people to vote.
13When Glenn Beck's site attempts to do parody....
30Bryan Fischer: It's okay if Christians put faith before country, but Muslims can't do that.