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August 2011[edit]

3It's not sexual manipulation, it's "erotic capital!"
9David Mabus, deep cover liberal.
8Glibertarians gone wild: This Faux article attacking the National Weather Service is too dumb even for...Anthony Watts.
7ConCERN trolling: Good ol' Watts and the denialist-cum-wingnut echo chamber have latched onto the CLOUD experiment as the new final nail in the coffin of global warming.
6Republican politicians in Wisconsin vote in favor of anti-union bill; unions bar them from a Labor Day parade. But, no sweat, really; they would have backed out anyway, because the unions are ready to assassinate them. It's true; Brent Bozell said it!
5Natural News parrots another report from the Scientology front group CCHR. Is Orac right?
2Chris Hedges is a little upset: Totalitarian trolls have crawled out of the sewers to choreograph the activities of the U.S. government, media, etc., and force all left-wingers and other "moral voices" to retreat into monasteries. Furthermore, no one knows any of this except for the "scientific and technical elites," which would of course explain why a journalist with a M.Div. knows all about it.
2Have a right-wing brother-in-law who is yapping about "Obama's spending" and "Obama's deficits"? Send him these three charts, which clearly show that all the Bad Stuff happened under the watch of Dubya and a Democratic Congress.
15 Fundie thinks Atheists should be put on national registry.(Warning: Poe's Law in action!) Perhaps we can wear little yellow nothings?
12The End Times: Are we there yet, Pat?... How about now?... How about now?
4The Women's Liberation Movement, having started out as the socialist ladies' auxiliary, "lost its vitality" when it apostatized from socialism, a downfall engineered by that sinister CIA operative, Gloria Steinem.
15Richard Dawkins: "Retarded" (at least according to Ann Coulter). Update: Sensuous Curmudgeon fisks. Update II: PZ Myers fisks as well.
14You heard it here first: Cancer is cured (again)!
13Learn about Disney's Creeping Cultural Hegemony! Read about how Mickey Mouse colonizes children's consciousness and falsifies it! See how Disney has lured and seduced the innocent into consumerism. And all for the low, low price of $25!
10Who cares if candidates believe in your so-called "science"? It's not like they're trying to push creationism in schools or anything.... (via Jon Chait) Update: Williamson doubles down. (Note requisite Lindzen cite on climate.) Mike the Mad Biologist piles on. Chait makes another response.
1Check out the comments on this random article on the state of the Nordic welfare state. Sure to give you a laugh.
12Porn: It's what terrorists crave.
6Just in case you were wondering, Mike Adams reminds us that, yes, Alex Jones is batshit crazy.
11Anything new in the deniosphere? Nope, they're still going on about Climategate.
10A match made in heaven: Natural News and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 "Truth"
15Bryan Fischer: The individual states have the authority to regulate religious expression.
-9An egg is dropped; it breaks. The economy downturns; somebody trots out the old prophet for another day in the sun.
13THREE VIDEOS: Get 'em while they're young. Really, really, REALLY young.
21Heartland attempts to take on science and Science.
8Mark Steyn inflicts another book-length vision of the liberal-multicultural apocalypse on the public.
16Beware the evils of...UNICEF!
10The mental retardation in this one is massive. Nyan Cat's reputation has been forever tarnished.
13In search of that elusive advertising dollar, WND seems happy to blame Obama for anything. Even the 2012 end of the world.
-27"The real purpose of an economic system is to guarantee to every person in its circle the fundamentals of physical existence." Rather like how the real purpose of a human being is to glorify God in all he does.
6August 10: Gold bug Franklin Sanders, in a fit of irrational exuberance, crows: "Gold Price in a Parabolic Rise, and No Telling Where it will Stop." August 11: The price of gold really takes a beating.
10Joseph Farah claims that he predicted that Ann Coulter would join the advisory board of GOProud. (Uh, could we have a link to that prediction, Joe?) As for other right-wingers, they seem to be surprised that a nearly 50-year-old, homophobic, never-married, serial fiancée would suddenly align herself with a gay Republican group. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Also, GOProud's rival group, the Log Cabin Republicans, have denounced GOProud for appointing Coulter to their board.
13Asteroids were once a part of the Earth. Once upon a time, the earth was flooded by a huge geyser eruption that sent a lot of water and rock beyond the earth's gravitational pull; the water rained onto Mars and the rock became the asteroids.
18Some evangelical academics finally admit that genomic studies are sufficient to disprove the creationist take on the Adam and Eve story, are drummed out of their universities. All together now: Evilutionists are suppressing intelligent design!
12Irony meters around the world shatter as a CMI hack insists that people ought only to express opinions on subjects in which they are experts.
4Prof. R. Jensen (but not that one) thinks that "a politics without a theology is dangerous [and] a theology without a politics is irrelevant."
12Nick Griffin (via Twitter) on the London riots: It's all the blacks' fault.
16Carbon dating only works if the Bible is rubbish. Heard of historical-critical hermeneutics, fellows?
10This just in from Conspiracy Theory Central: The CH-47 "Chinook" crash in Wardak Province, Afghanistan removes all evidence of Osama bin Laden's death. Dun-dun-dun!
7Conservatives still don't get it.
10Your A-Z of birther wingnuttery.
6Thom Hartmann: It is an affront to the U.S.'s "constitutionally-limited democratic republic" to permit the courts to strike down unconstitutional laws.
9Chris Hedges: The gravest threat we face from terrorism comes from atheists like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens.
-7Peter King is "reactionary, rash, and wrong" to inquire into "the extent of jihadist radicalization." But when "right wing Christians" start "copying" such jihadists, it is, of course, perfectly all right to broadside the whole evangelical camp.
5After a boatload of exhaustive research, scholars have made an astounding discovery that would have passed for a conspiracy theory a few years ago (are you sitting down?): European empires used Christianity as an excuse for their colonial escapades!
0Chris Hedges: We have to arrest and try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, and most of the army brass, or pretty soon prison guards will be taking prisoners out of jail and making them ride on kiddie trains at the amusement park.
-8Woe unto you, industrial capitalism, Moloch in whom I sit lonely! Woe unto you, psychotic beast, as you listen to your pathetic soulless pop music and turn the living to the dead and stone the prophets scoff at people who dare to question the ludicrous notion that gender actually exists! Every second we fail to abolish industrial capitalism and dissolve formative narratives is another second in toxic illusions! (Oh, and lest we forget a trivial detail, all this has caused a global warming problem.)
6The Rockwell-ians have gone deather.
9Step right up, step right up and spin the wheel of quack cancer cures!
10Destroying our rights starts with smoking bans. (Remember, kids, smoking is healthier than fascism.)
12You really can't make this shit up. (The latest featured "artwork" at rense.com courtesy David Dees.)
11What is the biggest threat to humanity? Nuclear warfare? Environmental degradation? An asteroid hitting the Earth? No, it's Frankenfoods!
11One of the Tea Party candidates running to unseat a Democrat in the Wisconsin recall elections has compared the public schools to Nazi indoctrination. No surprise there. It's also not a surprise that the previous link is to a Google cache, as she has deleted the message from her page. What may surprise you is that she is also a children's book author.