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October 2011[edit]

21James Delingpole don't need no steenkin' trend lines. And an explanation of the mysterious graph on that page.
16Let's play count the cliches as a writer for the Irish Independent says how gays are taking over society.
-16Fareed, insinuating that we should invade yet another country? Great idea!
8Joel Osteen: We "can love (the gays) into wholeness." If you know what I mean.
18The Daily Express send a reporter to protest outside a protester's house. Why? Fuck knows, to be honest. Extra WTF factor in the comments as always.
9Become the most popular stop in your neighborhood this Halloween by giving out anti-fluoridation pamphlets instead of candy.
-1Timothy Leary shares his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street protest, despite having died fifteen years ago.
8"Deliverance minister" Julie critiques the accuracy of the exorcisms in The Rite. Next she'll be telling us Anthony Hopkins can't play a cannibal for beans either.
Bonus: Julie herself seems to be channeling the spirit of Jack Chick when she confuses a Catholic medallion with a "a charm that gives these demonic spirits the authority to be there."
More Bonus: If it's October, it's Demonic Awareness Month.
25Anthony Watts before the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project report: "I’m prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong." Watts after the report, which proved his premise wrong: "I consider the paper fatally flawed as it now stands, and thus I recommend it be removed from publication consideration by JGR until such time that it can be reworked." (HT PZ.)
8Mike from El Segundo calls The Tech Guy to talk about audio recorders, devices with non-removable batteries and...something else he forgot to tell the call screener about.
24Apparently almost every single man is gay. "Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman.".
4Prepare for the upcoming celebration of hallojesusween. I'm sure your house won't get egged or tp'ed by sticking bibles in the candy bag either. As seen on failblog.
46Pajamas Media sees an Occupy protestor wearing a hash symbol (#), to "hashtag" herself. Their post? OH MY GOD IT'S A "NEO-SWASTIKA"!!
5Art Laffer: Polishing turds since 1974.
6Take that, Al Gore! Anthony Watts has successfully debunked (a dramatization of) the greenhouse effect!
8Hotel cancels hate-monger Pamela Geller's planned speech. She claims the hotel is enforcing Shariah law.
18El Rushbo defends the Lord's Resistance Army as 'Christians.'
20Herman Cain: Liberals killed Jesus.
7The next scheme to eliminate quackery health freedom? The creation of the North American Union!
28Bryan Fischer: The Tea Party ended slavery in America, which began in America in 1619 as a concession to Sharia law.
10Age of Autism has a serious case of butthurt over South Park.
8Quick, sign the petition before all your precious bodily fluids have been sapped and impurified!
14Minecraft: Tool of the devil
12This week in No True Christian: Answers in Genesis is a liberal front-group and by the way, don't vote for Mormons.
14Failing at statistics while complaining about the looters? Just another day in Wingnuttia.
24The music is calm and sad, the speech juxtaposed with shots of an idyllic life in the county. The interview builds to a crescendo of sorrow as the woman describes how the law was rushed through, without consultation, without referendum. This is a terrible tragedy... why did they let gay people marry each other?
2According to this quack, Steve Jobs is a prime example that pancreatic cancer CAN be cured: [1]
18In what universe is the phrase "O'Reilly Crushes Atheist Richard Dawkins" Fair and Balanced?
10Schechtman won the Nobel, therefore climate deniers are right! Say it with me now: "Science was wrong before!"
3When you mix (reasonable) criticisms of government bailouts, big business and an overbloated military, and (batshit crazy) Ron Paul-speak, you get this.
21 "Fundie nutters against.... Answers in Genesis?"
6David Icke: "Look at what what they're putting your water!"
14"President Obama only cares about your job if you work at Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion giant."
4The climate conspiracy strikes again: Michael Mann cleans up after a climate denier makes a mess in a Colorado rag, Anthony Watts spots the climate conspiracy and spews some more bullshit, the reality-based blogosphere makes a second clean-up run.
13The Daily Fail unwittingly reveal Amanda Knox as guilty in a pre-written article - complete with "genuine" reaction quotes from prosecutors.
1010 reasons why aliens are actually fallen angels.
2British fundies are throwing a hissy fit after the Daily Fail reported that The Beeb has "turned its back on 2,000 years of Christianity" by jettisoning A.D. and B.C. for the "politically correct" C.E. and B.C.E. Of course, the fundies might not be so upset if they had considered the source. (The Lay Scientist puts in his two cents pence.)
5Bobo's latest train wreck is impressive even for him: Empathy is unnecessary because my misreading of pop neuroscience and philosophy tells me so, and something about Nazis.