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September 2014[edit]

36Chelsea Clinton has a baby. Conservatives have a cow.
32Fox News: American Taliban. (Also, it seems the GOP really wants to lose the Asian vote for good.) Update: The military equivalent of "You are a douchebag."
-1The "Bee Challenge" (girls tweeting selfies with their boobs out and bras over their faces) is "the ultimate Cultural Marxist Challenge" (NSFW).(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
1The Brain Nebula - a social experiment in which the contributors tell everyone what's going through their head at the moment.
24Remember that pastor that had his congregation eating grass? He's leveled up.
39"Yes, I'm a miracle worker. Yes, I can resurrect you, if you let me kill you. What could possibly go wrong?'
32Corvettes and Creation. Apparently an attempt to outdo Ray Comfort.
36Davis Aurini (that neoreactionary MRA/PUA/Anton LaVey-wannabe who's been begging for money to make a documentary about how evil Anita Sarkeesian is. Remember?) makes a hilarious video about the downfall of civilization (or something). Stick around for the ending credits; the laughs continue there.
18Operation protective Edge is in Israel's favor 'cause all the missles are being deflected by God
21The Federalist apparently doesn't like how Wikipedia is run. They also don't like Zero.
19Music to be paranoid by: 9/11 Truther songs on YouTube.
-36While Richard Dawkins says some appalling things, we still have Andrew Brown to remind us why Richard is fundamentally good value.
21Faux News finally links Ray Rice to... Benghazi.
36Rush Limbaugh: "Women sometimes actually mean 'yes' when they say 'no'."
-37HuffPo: Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) denier writes an SRA-denying article about his SRA-denying book, uses common denialist gambits as arguments.
18GW Bush quotes 9:11/20:1 Chapter and verse from Ecclesiastes and Revelation during his inaugural address on 1/20/2001. Proof of prescience.. or Exodus unfolding before your eyes.
24Obsidian argues that women make men hit them. Engages in an article long tu quoque fallacy.
24Islam is socialism
28Faux News stays classy. Just after Fox & Friends said Ray Rice should have taken the stairs, Hannity finds a female guest, who says Janay Rice "knocked herself out."
9You're a little late there, buddy.
30Ted Cruz's latest response to Democrats attempting to overturn Citizens United? They're trying to ban Saturday Night Live!
15The Most Powerful Name in News.
23Ok, I admit ISIS isn't the antichrist, bit they still fulfill a bunch of other prophecy!
-35Matt Ridley sticks it to the climate alarmists.
29Vox Day: Segregation now or elimination tomorrow. An admirer of Enoch Powell it seems.
-2Read the opening paragraph from the Great Moustache. That is all.
18"Da gubbermint can't provide me with innocuous tips on how to make my campfire snacks!"
45"Convert them or kill them." Guess who said it?
-13Who is crazier: Vladimir Putin or George Will?
36Random Deepak Chopra quote generator
24This guy has Operation Protective Edge figured out!
20Rapture is coming!