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October 2014[edit]

19Alex Jones: A CIA officer warned us of an Ebola outbreak two weeks before the Dallas, Texas case!
21Ebola is a hoax so you get vaccines that have biotech weapons in them.
16The Georgia Guidestones are coming true! 2014 block decoded! Ebola to maintain population under 500,000,000!
33Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert about Gamergate. The clog: the Gamergaters' responses. (HT WHTM)
19Keith Ablow goes all-out fascist.
7The advantages of live online news coverage. Update: RT is literally Fox News.
6Alex Jones: Thousands of ebola cases being covered up. Proof? A doctor told me on Infowars!
15Helpful pre-need planning suggestions from PETA's Ingrid Newkirk.
39A former aide of the Reagan Administration wants several southern states to secede over gay rights and have the new country be named 'Reagan'.
31Joseph Farah celebrates Earth's 6,028th birthday by reminding us that the Bible has dinosaurs in it.
40Brace yourself for the dumbest argument against gay marriage yet.
31Eric Hovind thinks atheists are hypocrites, because they don't protest Santa, like they do Christianity.
10The Vigilant Christian dwelling on the important issues: X-Factor Austraila Illuminati Exposed!
10Behold, the challenger to the VSP throne.
16Welcome to Blue Ash, Ohio, home of the graffiti covered storm drain portal to Hell.
27Just when you thought America's Ebola frenzy couldn't get any worse, Glenn Beck steps up to the plate...
45Proof that evolution is a lie: Argument from X-Men comic book.
15A man allegedly lost his virginity to an alien; another man experienced difficulties in his marriage after having an affair with a different alien. NSFW
17The NWO, CDC and Ebola. The Conspiracy Theorists wet dream.
16First we have Michelle Obama is a man, now Malia and Sasha are adopted. From Morocco.
23According to RoseAnn Salanitri, Satan fucked with the First Amendment, because Muslims
39Reality: Anita Sarkeesian cancels a speech at Utah State University after receiving a mass shooting threat that the police can't protect her from due to Utah's open carry laws.
Thunderf00t: She must have faked it to discredit GamerGate.
17Ron Paul: The free market will fix it. If you don't like the services ebola provides, just get a different virus.
26So, how long do you think it'll take for an American preacher to channel Jerry Falwell and blame the current ebola outbreak on gay marr . . . Never mind.
36It's not the GOP's fault that funding was cut to Ebola research, according to Erick Erickson, it's because fat lesbians got all the Ebola dollars.
8Reason: Dispelling the myths about Gamergate... libertarian-style.
30Female Faux News guest: Upskirt photos are totally legit, because you chose to wear those clothes, you slut.
23Blackwater founder Erik Prince wants you to know that the Middle East needs humanitarian mercenaries from a humanitarian company like his.
38Shit just got real - Alex Jones claims Glenn Beck works for Obama.
29American Enterprise Institute: Why the rise of cosplay is a bad sign for the US economy ... um, okay.
10The Vigilant Christian: Ebola and the Illuminati
39Latest Truther revelation: Stevie Wonder isn't blind.
19Reading PUA blogs, you might have heard of day game, direct game, stripper game and so on. But what's the latest variety of woman-seducing skills the manosphere has cooked up? Fart Game.
32When reviewers call your movie worse than Kirk Cameron's version, you just know it's going to be a stinker.
65RooshV rails against women for making him brush his teeth and wipe his arse before he can pick them up.
-2After weeks of labeling anyone who didn't see #GamerGate as a black-and-white issue as a misandrist, somebody on Know Your Meme drops pretenses and blames the "far left" for the whole thing.
44The Ebola virus according to Mike Adams and Natural News: It's a POPULATION CONTROL WEAPON and the only defense against it is CINNAMON, VITAMIN D, AND COLLOIDAL SILVER!!!!11!1