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Keep up with the world of webcomics here. Try to keep to relevant topics.

And no, nothing is going on at MSPA.

December 2016

2Great Moments in Liberalism: Daily Kos edition
1 The Fire Within

November 2016

1"Just keep pushing alt right".
2...The Aristocrats!

October 2016

3That's Not Who We Are.

September 2016

5A timeline of the Earth's average temperature

August 2016

3God rest you, great prophet.
0Solutions for lazy consumers.
1This is not fine (Emphasis added)

July 2016

1House Democrats are screwed.

June 2016

5Brexit courtesy of SATW
5Evolution of Democratic Voters in 2016

May 2016

2The Modern Primary Phenomena
1The Mental Gymnastics Olympics

April 2016

0Calling things Marxist is the new political correctness. Political cartoon from the Guardian.
7War on Drugs is actually an addiction, SMBC

February 2016

2Tom the Dancing Bug on the unstoppable zinger how come there are still monkeys?

January 2016

5Alien goats, courtesy of Zach Weinersmith.

October 2015

5Zach Weinersmith (SMBC) is not like Jack Chick (Chick Tracts), so Randall Munroe (xkcd) gets superpowers.
2A universally applicable comic for whenever a famous scientist does something bad.

September 2015

2Thank goodness we left that nonsense behind from Wondermark
1Another take on Roko's basilisk from SMBC.
3A few years behind the times, but Live action version of Dresden Codak's Caveman Scifi. Basically, the summation of every anti-science argument ever.

June 2015

0SMBC has a Zorblaxian playing a Roko's basilisk prank.
3The troll gap defeated.

May 2015

1(Story arc starts with It's Not A Tumor.) Spoiler: Does the transmission of gratitude to the past violate the second law of thermodynamics?
4Are you against gay marriage because: The Bible? A handy flowchart.
4Talk about God vanishing in a puff of logic... (Oglaf, but totally safe.)

April 2015

9The Mediterranean diet actually justifies invading Greece, as exposed by SMBC.
51791: Haitian slaves ask very nicely to be freed and are immediately liberated by all those reasonable white people.
3Ken Ham gets a shout-out in the funny pages.
3Arguably the most convincing argument for biblical inerrancy. Actually, Poe's Law is in effect here, because a very similar argument is used by inerrantists, it's called the criterion of embarrassment.
2Urine Therapy

March 2015

5I can quit anytime I want!

February 2015

4The social justice warrior agenda revealed

January 2015

7Skeptical Spectacle: Mansplain in the membrane #notallatheists #justenoughunfortunately
6SMBC: Goats and religion jokes, what more could you ask for?

November 2014

2Scenes from a Multiverse: Eat the data (climate change)

October 2014

3Scenes from a Multiverse: How many gamergaters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
2Actually, about MSPA ...

August 2014

3Cyanide & Happiness: How to get away with saying something crazy
3The true purpose of science channels
1SMBC: Sex remains constant

July 2014

1Atheism Supreme in which our heroes discuss how morality proceeds from first principles. Super simple math, really. Oh, wait, no... the other thing.

May 2014

3RationalWiki Facebook delivers! The Adventures of Miss Andrist and White Knight! Starring Femilisk and Armondikov.

April 2014

1Does this seem familiar to anyone else?
2Here's how the Heartbleed bug works.
5The implications of "chemical free"

March 2014

1We should never have let our kids read Atlas Shrugged.

February 2014

1Tom the Dancing Bug on math and the Bible. (Update: this one came true seven days later.)
1 XKCD on the Kola Borehole.
-3Scott Adams redeems himself, slightly
0SMBC: "Avenge my death! Wooooo! Unfortunately, nowadays, the very notion of culpability is confuuuusing!"
4xkcd explains what to say when somebody claims that cold weather disproves global warming.

Comic list


Skepticism and atheism





  • Oh Joy Sex Toy. Sex toy reviews and other sex-related topics. Sometimes NSFW, depending on where you work.
  • With Fetus. Life at an abortion clinic. Uneven, but worth checking out. The artwork is horrible, but some of the characters are engaging and the writing can be thoughtful, when the author doesn't let himself get bogged down in mansplaining feminism (especially in the blog posts). People involved in pro-choice activism will dig it; pro-lifers may read it and learn not to see their ideological enemies as monsters.
  • Oglaf Sex and Dungeons and Dragons-style swordplay and fantasy. Not even remotely safe for work.
  • Try It, You'll Like It. Comic guide to kink. Try it. You'll like it.

General comedy

  • Dinosaur Comics, in which the same six dinosaur clipart images are used over and over again to tell new and hilarious stories, five four times a week.
  • Hark a vagrant; a webcomic that makes jokes about history and literature.
  • The Oatmeal; a webcomic that makes jokes about pop culture.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – a non-serial webcomic about all sorts of topics, especially academia, sex, and the occasional superhero. Has some excellent take-downs of creationism. Updates daily at smbc-comics.com.

Inactive/on hiatus

  • Cectic used to be another comic focused on skepticism/atheism comics; as of January 2014, the author is considering restarting it; a full archive is available at the site.