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Great Moments in Leftism, often abbreviated to GMIL, was a political webcomic about left-wing politics, or in the anonymous author's words: "a cartoon about the left". It mocks many mainstream leftist figures and organizations, with the author claiming to be "communist, or ultra left".[1]

Its latest comic was posted in 2018, and the title for the entry declared that the comic wasn't dead yet.[2] Which, ironically, seems to serve as GMIL's informal gravestone, since there's no apparent trace of any life after that. Still, its archives might serve as some insight into discourses of the left during the comic's run (2013–2018).

The comic[edit]

The comic mocks the left from a left communist perspective and each strip picks one or multiple targets, or focuses on tropes which are common to a larger part of the left. Arguably the main issue with the comic is that its punchlines might only be comprehensible to far-left nerds as occasionally readers will fail to grasp the intention of particular strips.[3][4][5] The second, but rather minor, problem is the rudimentary and simple drawing style and the use of hand-written dialogue which sometimes makes it hard to read.

Most strips point out crank ideas within the left like the ones espoused by Trotskyist J. Posadas[note 1][6] leftist intellectuals' hidden disdain of the working class,[7] and the left's careerist,[8] lifestylist,[9][10][11] cult-like,[12][13] apologist[14] and even capitalist[15][16] elements. Many strips also ridicule the fact that the politically active far-left is a non-existent entity these days.[17][18][19]

The readers[edit]

As you may have deduced by now, the comic ruffles feathers from disgruntled moonbats who complain how their perfect infallible holy cows are above criticism and the author is simply wrong despite highlighting indisputable facts such as Noam Chomsky encouraging people to vote despite being an anarchist,[20] just like when he endorsed John Kerry in the US presidential election of 2004 as the lesser-evil candidate or that the YPGWikipedia, the Syrian Kurdish leftist guerrilla army fighting ISIS, is currently supported by imperialist powers,[21] just to name a few of many examples.

Other criticisms entail ridiculous arguments that GMIL only criticizes and doesn't offer anything to improve the situation[22] usually in the form of strawman arguments.[23] However the comments are often more entertaining than the comic itself as moonbats usually argue using their chosen set of socialist crank ideas,[24] or obliviously confirm the punchline of the strips.[25] In at least one instance, the author of GMIL has responded via a strip to the accusations and hurt feelings.[26]

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  1. Posadas claimed that a nuclear war will inevitably take humanity to socialism or if there are UFOs they could only come from extra-terrestrial socialist societies because only these are capable to create such advanced technologies.