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Dr. Richard Kent (1946–) is a British evangelical Christian lecturer and retired medical doctor who runs a ministry called Free Christian Teaching, which is part of an umbrella organization called the Final Frontier Charitable Trust.[1] Thanks to his M.D., he is able to call himself "doctor," which no doubt raises his level of legitimacy among the people who come to hear his lectures on young-Earth creationism. Kent is either the highest pantheon of the batshit crazy, or he's a fucking genius.

Some of the ideas he espouses in his lectures are pretty far out there. Like for instance that:

  1. Dragons were real.
  2. Dragons were actually post-Flood dinosaurs.
  3. These post-Flood dinosaurs had nostrils the size of modern horses' nostrils.
  4. These relatively small nostrils were a carryover from the pre-flood era when there was more oxygen in the atmosphere.[note 1]
  5. Therefore, thanks to the depleted oxygen levels in the atmosphere, the nostrils of these dinosaur/dragons would CATCH ON FIRE WHENEVER THEY BREATHED!!![2]
Their tiny nostrils couldn't let in enough oxygen! What could they do?
—Richard Kent

Apparently, it never occurred to Kent that dinosaurs could use their mouths to breathe. If dinosaurs could breathe fire, they would have had adaptations around their mouths and nostrils to protect their mouth and throat from flame. Nothing resembling such an adaptation has ever been seen.

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  1. How could the release of trillions of gallons of water into the ecosystem reduce the oxygen level in the atmosphere, you ask? Damned if we know.


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