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Mary Lou Bruner

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Mary Lou Bruner, commonly described as the "looniest politician in Texas"[2] (a state not exactly known for its sane politicians) and by definition likely the entire United States, is a far-right Texan Republican and former schoolteacher, as well as a creationist, homophobe, Islamophobe, birther, conspiracy theorist and Confederate apologist whose batshit crazy views and opinions created controversy in 2016 when she decided to run for the Republican nomination for an East Texas seat on the Texas Board of Education.[3]

Why the controversy?[edit]

Really? Where do we even begin?


  • Bruner is an avowed creationist, believing that school shootings are the direct result of the teaching of evolution.[4] She has expressed belief in a batshit insane conspiracy theory that scientists have found proof of a young earth, yet are colluding to cover up the evidence (for some reason).[2]

Remember she is running for the board of education.


  • Bruner believes in a pseudo-historical theory bordering on self-parody: that the American Civil War was truly about the railroad(!), instead of slavery.[5] Perhaps she misunderstood references to the Underground Railroad.

Board of education anyone?


  • Bruner believes pre-kindergarten education is a plot by the "GLBTQ [sic] agenda" to indoctrinate children into homosexuality.[7]
  • Bruner believes the content of Texan state school textbooks is dictated by "Middle-Eastern" countries.[8]
  • Did we mention she ran for the board of education?
  • Fortunately, she lost her race.

More wingnuttery[edit]

By far her most infamous claim is her groundless conspiracy theory that Barack Obama's support for gay rights is due to him working as a male prostitute in his early twenties in order to pay for drugs.[4]